Saturday, December 23, 2017


Double entendre?  Sure.  Obvious that I would reference Big Star but for a good reason - I just realized this blog page is now thirteen years old.  Which, frankly, is shocking.  So many blogs - including ones I would read either daily or regularly - are now long gone; this being a "fad" seems to have been just that, since Facebook and the other forms of greater (narcissistic) social media have been society's driving force and no one looks at blogs as a viable form of, if nothing else, quality writing, as there were a lot of terrific writers doing this.

I know I've been over this before, but I did it as a means of clearing my head; writing as I was thinking, as I never was keen on nor had the patience to actually write a diary or journal.  This also began at a time when I was in the throes of a return to playing in a band again, which certainly made sense at that point and age, since we were recording an album and I'd never previously taken the time to chronicle the experience.  At the same time, the counterbalance to that is "returning to playing in a band again" - at near 40, I think it was, in hindsight and during that initial regular entry period, a mistake - at that particular moment.  I felt - even though the decision was ultimately mine; my responsibility - that I'd been pushed into revisiting something that I didn't need anymore; didn't want to "relive my youth" and even though I understood there were people close to me who wanted to see me "do it again", it really wasn't what I wanted - but I gave in to not-better-judgement.  The point is, this blog served as a chronicle, when all was said and done, of a band that was already teetering precariously off-balance and ultimately would disintegrate mostly because I didn't give a shit and didn't like the circumstances I was surrounded by/with.

Like all good things, I didn't continue writing every day as I had - there were other things to concentrate and focus on; 2010's entries were always cryptic and almost prose, but everyone who knows me knows why I wrote in that manner, during that period.  Suffice it to say that it was quite a learning experience and I one I hope to never have to repeat in the same fashion.  Ugh!  Or earlier this year.  A different set of circumstances and an entirely different scenario, but no less painfully difficult.

Nonetheless, this blog, as infrequently as I post, continues to serve me well.  Even if it's a few lines; a few words, I can still clear out those cobwebs so I can re-balance and re-focus.

So after thirteen years, and until Blogger ceases to exist, I'll continue to come in with my random thoughts and views.  It's a nice forum to have.

Happy holidays to all!


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