Friday, January 01, 2016

And we go ever onward...

The first day of 2016 - my one last day to be frivolous and celebratory.  Granted, I'm not hungover from last night - I don't drink alcohol and didn't imbibe any for the New Year's Eve celebration.  No, since today is the last day of my vacation from work and the final day to be sloth-like and non-productive, I want to take full advantage of it!  As it already stands, my dance card is slowly starting to fill with events/projects upcoming and I don't want time to slip right past me.

In less than a week, I'll turn 51 - certainly, while there's no great waving my arms about in anticipation (unlike the milestone of 50), I do feel a certain sense - already - that I have a greater determination to get things done, completed, achieved this year - more of the ongoing "you got it done last year, now keep on keepin' on" motivation.

So with that said, I think that's a very good way to walk into the New Year.  All is new; all is now.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmastime is here again...

And I've officially reached eleven years with this blog...  Unbelievable.  But glad to still be here.

A few days - honestly - wasted during this vacation, due to the bad weather.  Especially the fog.  I have to go out in this kind of atmosphere and wind up having a car accident, all in the name of an oil change.  At least the "seasonal purge" is done; got the haircut and started working on music - THAT is a momentous thing.  But yes; the title cut, "The Next Sometime Soon" is tight and ready to be recorded.  Finally.

The summer trip is also booked - this year, Austin is the destination.  It's been really wonderful that over the last four years, I've managed to get myself to actually get on a plane and travel to new and different places.  Of course, that being said, I can't wait to get back to Memphis!

All that's left to be said for the moment is simply Merry Christmas to all - may it be filled with love and warmth.

Friday, December 18, 2015

'Tis the season to enjoy quiet...

Nothing like having time off until the 4th of January.  My plans aren't all that lofty - some basic utilitarian necessities around the house and such; start hitting the gym in the mornings and working on/recording music in the afternoons; get my new tattoo done.  I have a few books to read; some albums to listen to - all for review but I can divide my time accordingly and I think balance it all just right.

I've never been keen on Xmas as it is; it's never been on my emotional radar so I'm pretty much indifferent to it all.  Plus, I only have to get a few little gifts for a few people and that's already been taken care of, so I'm free from the madness. 

It's been a pretty good year, all in all.  The one thing I always tend to do is get a little reflective around this time - I think it's been like this since '84 - and it's nice to stop and think of all the good things that occurred.  I can only identify one genuine tragedy in my life - the death of my ex-girlfriend - but all in all, I've been very fortunate and I regularly count my blessings.  And that's what this period is supposed to be all about.  I have a nice home, a loving relationship; good friends, music and things that give me joy; savings, a job and my health (so far).  All that anyone needs.

And in reality, instead of wanting, I'm able to just revel in what I have.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving thought

I'll keep this brief - this is my favorite holiday; always has been.  It's the one day that doesn't mean buying/giving gifts; it's about spending time with the people you love - at least the ones who can be with on that day - and to think about all the good things that I have.  And my life is filled with nothing but good things.

I have what I want; what I need and nothing more.  I don't think about what I "haven't got" because there isn't any of that.  I have the essentials and some nice little superficial additions.  And that's plenty.

So enjoy this day and savor it.  Look around and smile at what IS.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Cold day in the sun

Finally, a sense of seasonal balance; a chill is finally in the air and we're how far into autumn?  Ye gods...  Usually, one of my favorite times of year, but like spring, it's been non-existent for the last few years.

It's been great - having the last few Fridays off from work; in an effort to use up the extraordinary amount of personal time I have available and to do a few things to help get me moving with music, working out, etc.  Today's plan is to run a few quick errands and then set up the new drums. Once that's been taken care of, it's time to set things up for the "new adventure" (which I'll announce during the holidays) and start to focus on what's ahead when I have my Xmas break...

...Which, of course, leads to the idea of starting my annual list - taking care of the I.R.A. contributions, the winter purging, the gym schedule, etc.  It'll be a nice and lengthy break and hopefully one I can profit from.  But that's a month away.

In the meantime, the focus now is to get the Thanksgiving groceries tomorrow and make sure we can prep early starting on Wednesday...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn stone

The jacket comes out; the hair grows back, the socks go back on...  At least the oppressive heat has pretty much been replaced by cooler air but damn, did the time go fast - again.  It's nearly the end of the year and these last four years consistently have sped right past me, although they've easily been the busiest I can consecutively remember in at least two decades.

It's funny how I now relish the weekends where we have nothing on the agenda; to be able to leisurely grocery shop, run errands and do the arcane have become now cramped in between seeing shows, seeing friends - doing things.  It's not a complaint; it's an observation of how things change and turn around to the degree that the basics now need to be scheduled - certainly, there's reassurance in the idea that as one gets older, one tends to slow down...  ah, no.  I've gotten to the point where so much in the last few months alone have been such a blur that I have to often check back on my schedule as to what I've done or where I've been to have a coherent idea of a timeline or frame of reference.

Making time...  proving now to be an art and sometimes a challenge!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer's cauldron

I can't believe how fast this summer went.  Yes, there were a few too many moments of discomfort from the humidity but the time...  As irritating as it is, the cliche of "time speeds up as you get older" rings loud and true.  One minute the summer begins; one minute we're in New Orleans - now football season starts and in a week, it will officially be autumn.

Nonetheless, as quickly as this year has moved, it's been a good one, by and large.  Yes, the difficult and devastating news in February weighed heavily on me for a while, but like everything else, you just have to stop, think, try to put it in perspective and then try to go forward.  Writing, playing, getting in shape and improved health - all of this seems to be unfolding in a natural progression, which makes me happy and satisfied.

It's sometimes difficult to write properly what you're thinking and feeling without sounding forced or rehearsed and yet here, I just say what's on my mind, as sometimes simplistic as it is.  But for me, it's really all about staying centered, joyful and in the now, not in the past.  And I think that may be a huge part of how and why I feel as good as I do.