Friday, July 04, 2014

Independence Day redux

A good night's sleep helps heal the physical maladies that have been plaguing me lately - so waking up with my hip not hurting, as it had been, is pretty encouraging.  The skies are overcast and looking like the rains will be coming dow at any given moment.  But I do not care; aside from having no plans for this 4th of July, I am merely glad to feel alright. 

It's been difficult for some time, as many of you know, for me to feel close to 100% - between the arm problems I had in not one, but both arms, and then the hip problems, it's been something of a disappointing time.  The physical pains and problems lead to a dip in the emotional state and subsequently, I haven't had the drive I'd had previously.  BUT...  this is not a moan-fest.  I AM feeling quite a lot better and am looking squarely at the now and the tomorrow, not the yesterday. 

So what better day to wake up and feel good?  On the day the Colonies became the United States.  Pretty apt, I'd say.  Simple things to do - groceries - maybe attempt the gym - write and post the next round of reviews.  My kind of day off, plus it's a long weekend.

I wish everyone a fun and safe Independence Day!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vacation in Athens is calling...

So I booked our vacation last Friday.  A week in Atlanta, Savannah and Athens - the hallowed ground, part deux.  It's now two years since the Memphis pilgrimage - this one should be just as fun and certainly nearly as meaningful, if you even know me at all.  I can't take credit for this one; this vacation was Liz' idea and a genius one it is.

I admit, I'm a bit disappointed by the Rangers' loss in the Stanley Cup finals - while I commend the Kings for playing outstanding and exciting hockey against my beloved Rangers, I condemn and question the officiating for very obvious incorrect calls against the Blueshirts.  The way it happened in the series with the Canadiens, so too, it happened here.  The NHL refs who worked this playoff are corrupt and as full of shit as can be and this is - at least to me - a somewhat tainted cup win for Los Angeles.

Although I'm not a father, at least I spent Father's Day with Liz; we saw my darling Jen for at least five minutes, had a wonderful brunch and went to the Domino Sugar Factory art installation before the building itself is torn down.  I couldn't have asked for a better day, or weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sitting in the back of a car...

Not so much sitting as having to pick the car up from the body shop, thanks to an irresponsible (and probably drunk) asshole, who sideswiped us two weeks ago as we were returning from a night at the theater.  $500 unnecessarily spent as the deductible - but the car is back to being in pristine shape again and runs just fine.  Will people ever learn that driving isn't a right but a privilege?

Time keeps racing past - still need to record more music, especially with all the new additions to the set-up; need to keep working out and get back to my former routines and heights - all in all, things are great.  Especially while planning this year's vacation.

A short post, but at least it primes me for the next two or three reviews I will sit down to write later today and tomorrow, while I'm alone...

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

All fools day...

...and sometimes there are just way too many to exert the strength to even think about!

Nonetheless, it's the beginning of April - early spring; easily my favorite time of year.  With the new guitars, bass and Portastudio, it's go time.  No more bullshit; no more pontificating - that also includes being in the gym 4 - 5 days a week again, playing the guitar - even for 15 minutes - every night - just getting back to where I once belonged. 

And so on I go...

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The lion is here... now we wait

I don't think I'm any different than anyone else I've spoken to over the last few months.  This particular winter has been harsh, difficult, tiring and draining.  I have the winter doldrums the same as the next person.

I started to feel a twinge of it begin to dissolve last Friday, since it was the end of February.  As mundane as it sounds, the weekend began March in a positive way - get haircut, come home and do laundry, get a solid night's sleep, take the car for a wash and vaccuming, get groceries - be home before 11 a.m. and then do "pre-spring" cleaning (which equals clothes purge) and then write, winding up with no less than 5 reviews, one for each day of the week.  The work week wasn't as fruitful - just go to work and come home exhausted - but at least laundry is done and I'm about to head out for groceries.  Tonight is dinner and a show; tomorrow will be more writing - maybe I'll go to the gym if I'm up early enough.

Again, it's these little things that help push me along.  The more I see items ticked off my list of things I want/need/should do, the better headspace it puts me in.  And positive is the only way to think.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust

So it came to pass that this weekend is the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' arrival in the United States.  Certainly, a momentous occasion for me, having loved the band my whole life.  Yes, we all know that I go for long stretches without listening to them, but no matter what, I always come back to them.

I decided since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, I would go to the 50th Anniversary celebration at this year's Beatlefest.  I had always mocked anyone who went to these things as no different than the sci-fans who go to the various conventions.  I went with the hope that I would hear interesting discussions - perhaps sociological discourse on The Beatles' impact on society, not just music, etc.  I had hoped it would not be a swarm of "rabid fan" nonsense.

It was exactly what I feared overall.  I will say that the ONLY place that the conversation was worth a damn (and so much more) was the all-female panel with the inappropriately titled "We're Talking About Girls" - seriously, not to get anally P.C., what the fuck is that?  What the panel should have been called was "The Impact of The Beatles Through The Generations Beyond Their Music" because this was the one forum where you heard rational, intelligent discussion on the band and what they brought to those who evolved with them.

The general vibe is the "I have a bigger dick than you" syndrome - "I'm a bigger Beatles fan than you".  These sad bastards in their fucking tie-dye or Beatles t-shirts...  My dread became a real, live nightmare.  The vendors (not even selling anything reasonably cool) charging $35000.00 for the "Butcher" cover album - guess what?  It's available now on CD, so who really gives a shit anymore?  Beatle suits and the tailors?  Beatle boots?  HOW OLD ARE YOU FUCKING PEOPLE?

I wanted to see Donovan, who was supposed to be wandering around and performing - the gross disorganization of the overall event led to overcrowding and not knowing if he would perform at all;
I wound up leaving.  Donovan played, but almost an hour late.  Again - the poor organization made this a physically uncomfortable atmosphere.  Add to that the incredible amount of heat pumped in...

I'm not even going today - the final day.  It isn't worth my time or effort.  I have the records; I have the films; I have some books.  I know how to play quite a number of their songs on guitar.  That's enough.  I love The Beatles - I always will.  And I'll always remain a fan, in the proper context and perspective.  In the final analysis, this "Beatlefest" is not festive at all.

Monday, February 03, 2014

A rare moment

A chance to sit and clear my head after a few days in a fog - being physically tired still messes me up.  Nonetheless, it's a busy time and I don't know how often I'll have the opportunity to write here.  With my Popdose duties,  the need to play and make music again, getting back in physical shape and this week's upcoming Beatlefest, I know I won't have much time to ruminate on anything. 

I wanted to put down my thoughts on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman but I won't.  It's simply a tragedy.  The Super Bowl meant nothing and I'm jonesing to start working out at Crunch - after 10 years, I've left NYSC.

So bear with me - it may be a few more weeks until I can coherently share something worth reading.

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