Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Giving thanks

While I neglected to post in the last few weeks, I can't believe I forgot to mention that glorious Tuesday, when the brooms came out to sweep Republicanism from Congress and the Senate. I'm sorry, but I am still (somewhat) revelling in this moment. What a great month it's been.

Speaking of which, I hope all of you groovers had as nice and happy a Thanksgiving as I did. Nothing special; just Liz and I enjoying the peace, quiet and good food together. Down time, which we haven't had in ages to ourselves with no pressing duties or urgencies; a lot of laughs, sunshine and Starbucks. Plus, added some new accessories to the living room; much better sound and vision, you know? Also managed to find a hotel and booked our room for New Year's Eve. What luck!

Loving work; enjoying the chance to socialize in a civilized manner again and making new music--slowly and with steady pleasure. A lot of new songs suddenly taking shape while others I've neglected are now being given a second look and serious thought. Reading; cleaning house and clearing out some of the pieces of the past have all been part of the period's activities. Back to the gym this weekend and keeping it all together. And before you say anything, I'm well aware of that last sentence.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Especially this year.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend rewind (carnival of sorts)

It's been an amazing two weeks, with getting settled in my job and loving every minute of it. Interesting, busy, an education and I work with great people. The daily train ride is (for me) a pleasure and I can only revel in the chance to do something I've always wanted to, especially since I already had the chance to do the other thing I'd only imagined in my younger days. Of course, the nicest perk is that Starbucks is right downstairs and I don't have to exit the building to get amped up on the limited-time Christmas blend.

Had a nice surprise happen last week: got an e-mail from two old friends of mine from this place. I hadn't seen Ilene or Carmey since I left 5 years ago. We met for lunch on Friday and it was great and warmly nostalgic to spend time with them. They only work two blocks away from me and I can only hope there's no more time lapse in friendship. I'm especially happy for Carmey, as she's expecting her first child. Ilene is one of nature's great ravers and someone I've always appreciated keeping me in line. These are the people I'm glad to have (back) in my life.

Saturday was spent doing the usual domestic bits; Liz had to actually go to her office yesterday and work, so I spent some time in the studio, feeling my way around some of the new songs and trying to tighten them up. Being under no time constraints is great, but I still like working in an economic fashion. Aside from the dreariness of the day and the time spent recording, watched "Star Wars" for the first time in some 20 odd years. Still a great film for the ages.

Also booked our New Year's Eve as we won't be home or with friends. This year, it's something new. Check this guy out, as he's who we'll be seeing on December 31. Good way to make the transition.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bites and bytes

Pre-coffee, quick post.

New iPod for me. My own gift. A daunting task; loading all those songs in.

Went car shopping/test driving. Soon. Very soon.

Say what you will--this was delicious. And I'm not for chain restaurants (save for that coffee place...).

Am loving the new job and enjoying the commute (if you can believe that).

Happy birthday to my darling cousin, Michelle (a few hours after the fact).

More later, I promise. Music is still in the picture...

Get out and VOTE today.