Saturday, September 14, 2013

No time at all...

...and so the move sequence begins next week and with one word, we found the perfect apartment - a two-bedroom, renovated place with underground parking garage and costs less than my current one-bedroom.  Located...  3 feet from my door.  Simply moving into the apartment next to me.  I CAN live with that.  So can Liz.  It makes things really nice and simple - and cost effective in so many more ways than anticipated.

So in a rare splurge, I joined the modern world for a 47" flat screen TV; not really my thing, but she digs it and I can enjoy "Nothing Can Hurt Me" in a glorious cinema-like setting on my couch.  Nonetheless, it's a very good feeling and a relief to have this wrapped up, all this space now and a new (re)start.

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Started physically looking for a new apartment yesterday; a taxing proposition.  False advertising, photoshopped pictures and square footage not being mentioned in the ads equals a very high bullshit factor.  Saw three places yesterday - the first was a dump.  Close to equaling a tenement.  Not fit for anyone.  The second was a clever exercise in manipulating camera angles.  Not renovated, as advertised; horribly small and musty.  For the price they're asking AND a broker's fee?  Three words:  go fuck yourselves.  The last place was almost laughable - again, infinitely smaller than pictured, not renovated (mold in the bathroom?  Are you kidding?) AND the current tenants were still there.  And of course, this idiot was trying the hard sell - considering he'd been busting my balls on the phone ("Do you work? What do you do?  Do you or your wife smoke?  Do you have pets?  We're looking to rent on the 15th") - clown.  This shithole won't be vacated until the end of this week and he's expecting someone to move in there by the 15th?  Maybe - if you're stupid and desperate.

So on I go.  I have plans A through D (D being worst case scenario, I re-sign my current lease).  But I don't believe in sitting around and let time fly right past.  Simple:  my lease ends October 31.  If I can find something for an October 1 move-in, it gives me right through to the 15th to move in a comfortable, organized/orderly manner.  I can call the movers to take the big items on the 14th and I don't mind losing a half month's rent on Staten Island - that's the ideal scenario.  But not looking ardently is foolish.  So it's now back to the rental search engines...

And this is supposed to be a holiday weekend!