Sunday, October 14, 2018

October faction no. 2

The weather is slowly starting to become cooler; it's hard to think, feel motivated or be productive in such consistently oppressive humidity.  I simply feel disgusting every single day; it's hard not.  It also leaves me drained of energy so that by day's end, I find my feet and mind dragging - it's a chore to sit down and try to write about music, etc., let along muster the enthusiasm to deliver a good conversational performance when Jon and I do Radio City...  Nonetheless, I feel a little bit more awake; aware and that's an uplift.

I feel like I've been ignoring everything, including this blog and it's because of this irritation of "no inspiration" but I'm fighting my way through it.  My plan for this week is to actually go to the gym after work for all the right reasons (like just feeling good!) and to try and clear out more of the CD's that sit atop my desk by reviewing them.  While I have two chosen boxsets and a specific new CD to write about as a higher priority, I'm pretty sure by December, the "office" room in my apartment will be in order.  It's also time to start finalizing plans for the vacation break from work by preparing to do a winter cleaning and selling some of my guitars.

While I've been lax in doing anything in particular - or anything meaningful for me - it's nice to finally feel the mental fog lifting so I can begin to see the way forward again.