Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Warm and beautiful

We're finally getting there - signs of spring; that certain smell of grass and the cherry blossom outside my apartment building is exhilarating; baseball in full flight makes the child in me happy and I can't wait to finally divest myself of winter coats in full (still a nip in the air that makes it hard to go full denim jacket yet).

What I do know is that I feel much lighter than I had; the strain of the recent corporate move I experienced is over.  I've had the chance to decompress and breathe again; I'm able to put my schedule and priorities back in order and am finding the way forward again.  Getting a focus on the writing is one - garnering the enthusiasm to play guitar and work on songs is another.  So too is the need for working out and spending time with friends; I've allowed myself to be reclusive for far too long now and it's not a good thing to do.

So I have the short list at the ready and I'm looking forward to ticking items off, one by one, as the weather gets warmer and my vision continues to sharpen.