Sunday, October 30, 2005


For a band that hasn't played together since early March, I'm very happy at the way we sounded this afternoon. We only did two hours and that's a good thing, as being physically (as well as musically) out of shape as I've been feeling lately, I didn't end up pushing my luck too far. It was only natural that we fumbled in places, but once we were warmed up, it came together fairly quickly. Afterwards, the three of us just hung out, talking and jamming improv songs at Synchronic West. A good afternoon spent and a total joy at spending time with the guys in such a loose atmosphere. Hopefully, our rehearsals will soon have an even more necessary meaning...

Got everything together for the return appointment at Mill Run. Wish us luck.

Didn't think I'd be having this much fun so soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pendulum shift

And so we found a home.

On Monday, the managing agent from the apartment complex we looked at on Sunday called and told us we'd be approved, contingent upon us providing proof that our cats had been spayed, which of course, they are. They also told us that since we're planning so far in advance, we could actually pick the specific unit we want, which is fantastic. Especially since everything in this community has been rebuilt/renovated. You could say this is a great sense of relief.

Aside from that, I've been looking around at gyms; there is one in Union, but there is also an NYSC right near here for me, so it seems like now my options have grown once again.

This Saturday, we're supposed to master the album and then rehearse. I'm waiting to hear back from Chris as per studio time.

A good weekend ahead? You bet.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tally ho

And off we were on an apartment hunt this morning. Being that I am feeling (at this point) 100% better, we went out early for an impromptu look at a newly-renovated community in Union, a quiet and nice area known as Mill Run. Saw an apartment that blew us away; the agent was absolutely lovely, but the stumbling block became the question of our cats, which even the agent was dumbfounded by. She called her supervisor and hopefully, tomorrow, we'll have a better scope on the outcome. This complex showed had no outlines of "no pets", so being that our girls are house (only) cats, there shouldn't be any bullshit involved, but of course, there is. If they say "yes", we'll go back in two weeks with a money order for the application and get things underway. A beautiful layout, with space and a glorious kitchen and master bedroom--we can only hope.

Apart from this morning's trek, yesterday was our first "traditional" Saturday in a while--yes, Starbucks, groceries and Target. A fun lunch at Fuddrucker's and then home--shitty weather notwithstanding, a good day to chill out. Something I've been needing to do.

Next weekend should be Punch Line Saturday; I'll check in with Chris tomorrow to insure that he books rehearsal studio time and we master the album. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope this week flows and that we get good news tomorrow with this apartment. I'm already feeling the frustration of two negative apartment encounters (even though we don't know about this one yet). Grrrrrr...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Week in review (!)

Just realized it's been a week since I last posted anything. Truthfully, I've been feeling like absolute shit for the last five days; curiously, I haven't actually been ill or come down with a real malady, yet I've been feeling like I have something. The most frustrating element is I've felt the discomforts you'd usually associate with a fever and this has wreaked havoc on my eating habits, my sleep patterns and subsequently, my mood. Glad to report that today is the first day where I don't feel off or weird, so I'll be cautious for the balance of the day.

Parallel to me, Bob has also been feeling less than stellar for a week; The Punch Line was supposed to get together tomorrow and master the album, then rehearse, but honestly, I'd rather we actually gave ourselves time to recuperate completely. I spoke with Chris about it and he said we should regroup when we're at 100%. For once, I'm glad for the down time.

Work is still hopping busy; glad that this weekend now gives me the chance to stop, catch my breath and enjoy a little time alone with Liz, especially since she worked half of last weekend.

Had a great surprise call from Brady last night; brought up my spirits to no end. Really miss him, but glad to hear he's as well as I am. We seemed to get through the D.R. nightmare with only minimum damage and he sounds happy and healthy.

Here's a photo taken by the hero, my cousin Marc, from his weekend. Last Saturday in Indianapolis, heading a symposium with this guy:

Up close and personal with Napoleon Dynamite himself. Marc took the shot of The Impostor and I'm still silently cussing him out under my breath.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Not that I have anything to atone for in the last year, but I'll be fasting tomorrow. I've done it every year for the last 20, all successfully.

Work is good; I really am into my job, which is such a turnaround for me (and probably for most people).

Chris sent me the mp.3's for "Bitter Sweet" and "Beauty Lies" and I have to say, they do sound a million times better and, to some degree, far more powerful than I'd imagined. Especially "Bitter Sweet"--there's so much life in that track now, as I believed, even with the demo versions. It's a stomper and you can really feel it now. Bob and I were talking about it earlier and well, quite frankly, we're both alternately happy with and proud of this album. It's a fucking great piece of pop. Bob pointed out that it's an interesting album, as even though there are only 10 tracks, there's a lot of diversity in the music. He's right. Get your $13.00 ready, folks--$10.00 for the album; $3.00 for the cost of packing and postage. If my calculations are finally correct, the album will be released at the beginning of the year. I know it's been a wait, but anything good and worthwhile usually is.

Tip of the day: keep your eyes open on cable for one of the best movies about being in a band ever made, the aptly-titled "Bandwagon".

Circus Monkey rocks.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend rewind (seven days too long)

A whirlwind and yet, at moments, strange week... Decided to not take the apartment we looked at in Roselle Park after the super turned out to be a class-A scumbag ("if I can convince management to hold an apartment for you, are you going to take care of me?" -- uh, fuck you, no); quite the opposite from how he was the week prior. Okay, onto Plan B and better. Besides, it's only early October.

Work has been busy but managed to grab a quick hour away from the office on Friday with new friend/dude supreme Kevin, who like myself, is a seasoned veteran of record labels. I feel very comfortable at Turn Up The Music and I can honestly say that I'm enjoying what I do for the first time in a decade.

Hung out at home on Saturday after a quick grocery run (even skipping Starbucks!) since it was crappy and raining all day. Good to just stay home, chill out and order in.

Yesterday, The Punch Line finally finished the mixing of the last two songs for the album. Yes, the record is truly done. Now it's down to mastering and shooting the cover art. The hardest part is over and I'm looking forward to us getting together in a couple of weeks to master and then rehearse for the first time since March. It was great seeing the guys yesterday; really missed Bob and was glad to have a chance to grab a meal and few drinks and just hang out together for a while.

Now it's back to prepping for tomorrow. Food issues? You bet.

Quick nod and kudos to my Northern Soul influences. If you know the reference to this entry's title, write to me.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lucky Seven

It's been a head spin of a week.

Liz and I were married on this day seven years ago. Happy anniversary to us.

Work has been BUSY; I have a lot to learn and have learned a great deal already. The people seem very kind and warm and I feel a greater sense of pleasure at the notion of work than I have at any job since my days at Atlantic. I have very high expectations for and of myself at Turn Up The Music; I hope I succeed at reaching every one of these new goals.

Wound up getting sick on Monday night; a blitzkrieg head cold came on hard and fast. Still lingering in my chest. I don't mind the drive to and from the office. Better to have comfort in my own car with good music or sports radio on than to be stuck in the subway or waiting for the ferry. Paid off one credit card in total; now there's only one in use.

Saw Jason yesterday; his good self graciously changed the brake pads and flushed the radiator on the car; ready for inspection (which should have happened this morning, but didn't, thanks to Pep Boys fucking up royally). Bless you, sir. Got the call Thursday from the super at the new apartment building that the application for the lease was approved; the lease itself will be ready tomorrow, so I'll try and meet with him during my lunch hour. Relieved? You bet. Picked out and totaled up all the new furniture we'll need. It's nice to get all the details out of the way. A dangerous thing to say, but I'm really hoping to make this as smooth a move as we can as I don't want the stress level of the ordeal to elevate any more than it would naturally.

So with this moment for thinking and writing, it's back to prepping for the start of this coming week. Working at a job I already enjoy with people I like. A good feeling.