Thursday, April 06, 2017

When the rain comes (No. 2)

It's pouring outside; thunder roars in the distances; the sound of water running off the trees and from the drains of my apartment building is the only thing I hear right now.

The days have been long; sometimes painful and sometimes tedious.  Being caught in a netherworld of uncertainty is a difficult thing to endure.  Not knowing what will happen next is painful on so many different levels.  I've never been the kind of person who likes things to be or remain at loose ends; resolution is preferable so I at least have a greater sense of understanding.  At the same time, patience is vital; learning or refining the art of patience is something I have never been particularly adept at, but I'm trying.

Focus; calm; trying to re-establish rational thought.  Those are the key components now.  To be able to see what is and what is not; what may or may not be.  And hope.  Which I have to hold on to now, more than ever.

I know I used to always say "time is your friend" and to "let the universe unfold naturally".  I need to remind myself of this constantly, like a mantra.

And I'm trying.