Sunday, October 21, 2007


November 1st is just 11 days away and not soon enough. The plans are laid out like this: next weekend, we bring over some boxes and the new items we picked up at Ikea and Target to assemble at the new apartment so they won't have to be moved. On Wednesday (Halloween), we bring over more of the "fragile" boxes, my guitars and recording equipment and dismantle the living room T.V. and bed--we'll sleep on the sofa. Get up at 3 a.m. on the 1st and take the cats to the new apartment long before 9 a.m. All that's left is to do is wait for the movers--by the time they're gone, we can begin putting everything in its' place. On Friday morning, Time Warner Cable and Keyspan Energy are due to come in--cable/internet/phone hookup and the stove needs to be connected and turned on. If they come early enough, I may attempt the DMV to get my new driver's license and registration/plates for the car. Saturday means bringing back the cable boxes and modems to Comcast in Union and returning the keys to the apartment along with the parking sticker (or these fuckers will charge you $100.00. I cannot say enough bad things about the management of Mill Run).

I just want to wrap all this up as soon as it is humanly possible. Will it all go right? I don't know--I can only do what I can and wait for everything to play itself out.

The only musical notes to add to this posting is (if you don't know already) the new Undertones album is now out and Wire is due for a new album next month. Oh, and I brought two large plastic storage boxes of beaten-to-shit albums to Vintage Vinyl last Sunday and wound up getting $105.00 for it.

Try the Treo 680; it's lighter and a little more user friendly than the 650--two years later and I had to make the change.

Back to packing the last of the china and tableware.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Moving forward

The packing for our move has begun. A slow and thorough process that I've intended to insure that we don't take any non-essentials with us. We've already eliminated large, unnecessary items and I've dismantled the recording equipment. I've contacted all the necessary vendors (cable, electricity, gas) and we're set for November 1.

Time is moving and so are we. I really cannot wait to finally close this chapter on a two-plus year odyssey of discomfort, displacement and general weirdness. As I've said before, I'm keen on finally reclaiming all the parts of my life that I had arbitrarily and unwanted-ly (is that a proper word?) taken away.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Anniversary song

I'll make this brief. It was 9 years ago today Liz and I were married. It's still as great and new today as it was then. A quiet evening at a local cafe for coffee, dessert and good conversation after work was the way we marked our day.

Tomorrow, I'll have something to say on a brilliant blueprint I read for the future of music.