Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmastime is here again...

And I've officially reached eleven years with this blog...  Unbelievable.  But glad to still be here.

A few days - honestly - wasted during this vacation, due to the bad weather.  Especially the fog.  I have to go out in this kind of atmosphere and wind up having a car accident, all in the name of an oil change.  At least the "seasonal purge" is done; got the haircut and started working on music - THAT is a momentous thing.  But yes; the title cut, "The Next Sometime Soon" is tight and ready to be recorded.  Finally.

The summer trip is also booked - this year, Austin is the destination.  It's been really wonderful that over the last four years, I've managed to get myself to actually get on a plane and travel to new and different places.  Of course, that being said, I can't wait to get back to Memphis!

All that's left to be said for the moment is simply Merry Christmas to all - may it be filled with love and warmth.

Friday, December 18, 2015

'Tis the season to enjoy quiet...

Nothing like having time off until the 4th of January.  My plans aren't all that lofty - some basic utilitarian necessities around the house and such; start hitting the gym in the mornings and working on/recording music in the afternoons; get my new tattoo done.  I have a few books to read; some albums to listen to - all for review but I can divide my time accordingly and I think balance it all just right.

I've never been keen on Xmas as it is; it's never been on my emotional radar so I'm pretty much indifferent to it all.  Plus, I only have to get a few little gifts for a few people and that's already been taken care of, so I'm free from the madness. 

It's been a pretty good year, all in all.  The one thing I always tend to do is get a little reflective around this time - I think it's been like this since '84 - and it's nice to stop and think of all the good things that occurred.  I can only identify one genuine tragedy in my life - the death of my ex-girlfriend - but all in all, I've been very fortunate and I regularly count my blessings.  And that's what this period is supposed to be all about.  I have a nice home, a loving relationship; good friends, music and things that give me joy; savings, a job and my health (so far).  All that anyone needs.

And in reality, instead of wanting, I'm able to just revel in what I have.