Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Wrap this up

I think I finally reached the saturation point of disgust as so many others I know have - I wish 2016 would come to an end.  I'm not a big believer in the notion that a numerical year is "bad", per se, but this has, without question, been a year of great tragedies, loss and sadness for so many.  In truth, on a personal level, it hasn't affected me directly - I'm grateful that no one passed in my personal life; I haven't been ill and things have been good and solid on an emotional, financial and spiritual level.

But I do see the overall scope; I see the state of this country and I can't help but feel both empty and more than concerned.  Physically, I need to re-tone my being to the degree I had a few short years ago - constant exercise, both body and mind-wise will help.  And I need to re-gain the passion I'd had for most of my life for playing guitar and making music.  Somehow, I let that slip away to a degree of almost criminal non-chalantness.

Can I make a prediction for the oncoming year?  No.  It would be foolish of me because I don't know what will happen next but I can say this:  for the here and now, it's time to stop talking and start acting.  Gym - guitar - focus on the songs; read the books and magazines I have surrounding me.  Clear out the cobwebs.  Next week begins my winter break from work; it starts there and then.  First day is Friday - go to the gym in the morning, come home and do the "winter purge" of clothes and excess I see around me.  Then pick up my guitar and play.  Just like yesterday...