Sunday, November 25, 2007

The numbers game

Had a great, quiet Thanksgiving with Liz; we wanted a calm, laid-back day since all the readjusting from the move and me having been sick for the last two weeks--she (of course) caught my cold. Enjoyed our traditional Thanksgiving meal, watched a movie and had an early evening. The rest of the weekend has been equally enjoyable--running the chores on Friday and going into the city yesterday for the first time in years (like we used to do). Today is a chill-out day since it's back to work tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time working on the website; I'm very happy with the revamped version--music, pictures, discography--but after checking (for the first time in God knows how long) the statistics for traffic, I didn't realize I'd been shortchanging myself on the hit counter! Thus, you see the increase of numbers on the website and especially here, as this page has been around a lot longer than the website itself.

I'm thinking that the upcoming weeks (which equal the quiet of the holiday season) may lead to some long-overdue recording time. And now that I have an avenue to immediately supply anyone who may care to hear it, I can automatically post whatever is completed. Here's hoping...

Monday, November 19, 2007

As promised

Like I've said so often and recently, now that I'm back at home, I'm rededicating myself to a better focus on my music, art and creative side. I've already leaped the first great hurdle...

If you haven't hit it yet, please take a visit to the newly redesigned website; it went live this morning and has a bit more of a modern feel to it. As much as I loved the previous design, there were some flaws: not that much capacity for more pictures, etc. (the old site was WebSite Tonight 2.7; this one is 4.0.8); I couldn't work on the site on my iBook--now I can and I did want to get away from that almost faux-"groovy" style. I think this new one is more sedate and sharp. It also seems a bit more user friendly, but see what you think--and send me a line through the "contact" page with your opinion!

If that wasn't enough, this version of the website has capability to load music, so you can bet you will be hearing some new material soon enough.

That leads me to the idea of possibly starting to record this weekend. I don't have any specific goal but to lay down some basic tracks. I'd like to have something available by the time those shows come around.

Another quick but good weekend gone by, save for not being completely over this crud I've had for the last week. It's the coughing and lack of sleep that's been kicking my ass.

Really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Each of the last 11 years, I've had a lot to be thankful for, but this year, I'm just happy that we're home and life can resume to normal (for us).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Voices from another life

While being still not 100% healthy, it was a week filled with surprises. I've been back in touch and reconnecting with friends and loved ones through e-mails, the amount of which I've been having some difficulty replying to all within a reasonable amount of time. I've also actually physically run into two old friends (one an old flame). It's been a while since I've had so many correspondences, but every one of these was a welcome name, memory, voice, word. Some are friends from various jobs, some are relatives, some are former musical collaborators--and plans are being made to see and spend time with everyone, catching up and getting reconnected. Dinner plans, a get together for drinks, some possible time on the weekends with guitars--it looks good for the not-too-distant future.

I know there are times in life you make the conscious decision to rid yourself of those who only cause pain, harm or just want to use you--I've made amputations over the last few years, quite wisely--but those you spend so much time with on a daily basis for years... to let them get away for whatever reason is ridiculous. I've made it a key responsibility to not let these friends slip from the view again.

And being that with this time of a renewed life by returning home, I can safely say (and with quite a bit of confidence), this coming year will see some musical effort by myself along with some very trusted colleagues. I've already been asked to do two shows--one acoustic and one with a backing band--I've said yes to the acoustic show (date and venue to be confirmed). Since so many people have been (a bit more than) kind in wanting to see and hear me, I don't see any viable reason why I should say no. There's no ulterior motive for me except fulfilling a simple request.

As one of my current compatriots said as I was relaying this to him, "some people you don't care to ever hear from again. If you do, you can always delete the e-mail without responding or erase the voice mail. Those you've missed, you make the most out of when they get back in touch". Common sense, without doubt.

For the balance, it's time to attempt some sleep.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One week in

Aside from work being extremely busy this week, being home again has been great and as stress-free as I could have hoped for, with the only negative being that I feel run down and a cold might be coming on (I've already taken my first hit of Airborne and Advil of the season). Nonetheless, the non-aggravation of working late and commuting home is something no one seems to understand. I worked late every night this week and didn't mind as I knew I didn't have to wait for any trains, etc. The apartment itself is settled; the posters and pictures have been hung with care; everything is in its' place and the car is officially registered in New York, so there's nothing left to be taken care of.

With all that said, since Thanksgiving is at the end of next week, I may set aside the time to revamp the website finally and start some rough recording ideas.

Time to take another dose of Airborne.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Back from somewhere but where was I?

In typical fashion, this move went the exact opposite of the move out to New Jersey--this went absolutely perfectly. The movers were on time--in and out and gone between 9:15 and 12:45. Liz and I unpacked and set everything up from Thursday at 1 p.m. until we both crashed by 11. Cable came in at 10 on Friday; gas was turned on by noon and we were good to go. Went back to the Union apartment to clean up, turn in the keys and then return the cable boxes to Comcast. Yesterday was the final trip to Union to close my bank account and we're done with N.J.

The apartment looks great and settled; roomy, warm and home. Synchronic East is already back up and functioning; the only thing left to do is walk around the neighborhood, which was our Sunday thing anyway and to go to the DMV at the end of the week to get my license switched and register the car.

This was the most stress-free move I've ever endured and I could not be happier.

I think the whole experience signifies what I'd said about having my life arbitrarily pulled out from under me two years ago and this is the last of trying to rectify the mistakes made in having to adapt to a very bad and unhealthy situation. Happily, it's all over and done with and there's nothing more needed to be said except onward and upward.

It's good to be home again.