Sunday, January 29, 2012

Here it comes again

After a week of battling whatever malady has been going around, a sunny, refreshed Sunday morning seems like a good time to jot down some random thoughts... It used to be a regular thing, but I never find the right time anymore. Nonetheless, on my cousin Marc's birthday, it's definitely a good moment.

My own birthday was spectacular--I say that in all seriousness; filled with fun, laughter, joy and love. The days just seem to roll past and I'm not surprised that I not only wound up sick, but missing days at the gym. Nevertheless, there are no negatives to be found. Catching up on sleep; spending precious hours alone, for me, is essential now and arranging time with friends, old and new is now paramount--making it happen is something of my watchword these days.

Then there's the music--I am the laziest musician I know of at this stage, but I do know this: on the eve of the 25th anniversary of The Punch Line releasing "The Wild Flowers", I want to get something out soon--be it with the band or solo. And I DO know exactly what to release. I just won't say anything until I check in with the others...

So it's time to finish my coffee and this post and start the day in full... Sunday winter sun--can't ask for more, can I?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Everything is new...

2012 and five days in, I've heard the sad news that one of my favorite haunts (for a lifetime) has suddenly closed. My beloved Golden's Deli on Staten Island shuttered its doors this past Monday--it's a good thing I was there three days before Xmas. God, if that wasn't a shock to read about. I had been contemplating for a while that this may be my last year in Staten Island. I'm beginning to look at the borough of my birth, Brooklyn, as a viable (may be the only) option. And as silly as it sounds, something like this kind of news just reaffirms to me that my island in the sun is now going into complete darkness. That's not an over-exaggeration or hyper-inflated dramatics. Every time I turn around, another business on the Island closes down. In a word, it's deflating. So now the future takes shape in a different way...

The brilliance of the sun belies the bitter cold. On the positive side, I'm still feeling as good as I have in recent memory. Feeling no sense of pressure or obligation, I've resumed musical activities with the same verve as I had. There's a ridiculous amount of material I need to zoom in on and really structure. My gym discipline hasn't wavered and the energy (not just physical) is maintained in every good way. The people in my life are nearer and dearer to me than ever and I am one very lucky individual.

Of course, that does not numb the pain over losing the best matzo ball soup and the pickle/cole slaw bar. Is there no respect for tradition, especially with my peoples?