Monday, December 26, 2011

Next stop, 2012

The days have been filled with pacing, taking care of and concluding small tasks, getting into physical and mental shape and looking toward a new year that seems to point to a different mindset than the one I've had for some time. To be sure, this oncoming year is already approaching with good feelings, positivity and change for better.

Roll on--everything is new again.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

7 years - what luck?

Certainly, I would have never guessed that at this time seven years ago, I would start a blog and keep doing it (albeit now more sporadically). At that time, The Punch Line had just gotten back together; Liz and I were happily married, I was about to join a gym, quit smoking and get myself in a focused state of being, with an eye on approaching 40. Now, the band is long a memory; Liz and I are separated and I am living alone with our cats--quite comfortably, I will say; I am in very good physical and mental shape as I approach 47 and am writing songs, taking an active interest in life and remain focused on looking at a brighter future as I concentrate soley on finding a new position, as it's time to move on and forward from where I've been for these last three-plus years.

So it's at this end time of year when I usually become a bit more philosophical and reflective and I can say "what have I learned?" And the answer is always the same, except this time with satisfaction and certainty "belief is all".

Happy 7th Anniversary to ManicRobThrill!