Friday, August 09, 2013

The last mornents of Maxwell's

A dream comes true as a time and place comes to a joyous and tearful end...

Sunday, August 04, 2013

When the music's over...

And so begins a new month and a brave new world - without Maxwell's.  So much to think about.  Although as empty as many of us feel about it, at least I can say one thing:  I was one of the last people to ever be on that stage, for the very last song to ever be played there.  To be called up by The Bongos and join them for Big Star's "Thank You, Friends" - come on.  That's a dream come true.  It's now my reality.  And I'll have that forever.

But now, more of the future looms.  Time to completely focus on finding a new place since I'm leaving here in two months.  The closing of Maxwell's goes hand in hand with the way all of our lives seem to be unfolding - we get older; priorities change, locations shift and we grow up and move on.  So, too, will I be leaving "home" for the last time.  Except this has yet a different slant - I'm leaving home to go home.  Back where I was born.  Many have gone elsewhere - as far from here as they could.  I don't need distance, but I need change.

For sure, I am changed.  Wednesday night saw to that, in a wonderful and bittersweet way.  Now it's about going forward - always forward.  As the song says "unshackled by the last vestige of my youth...".

Now I am.