Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn stone

The jacket comes out; the hair grows back, the socks go back on...  At least the oppressive heat has pretty much been replaced by cooler air but damn, did the time go fast - again.  It's nearly the end of the year and these last four years consistently have sped right past me, although they've easily been the busiest I can consecutively remember in at least two decades.

It's funny how I now relish the weekends where we have nothing on the agenda; to be able to leisurely grocery shop, run errands and do the arcane have become now cramped in between seeing shows, seeing friends - doing things.  It's not a complaint; it's an observation of how things change and turn around to the degree that the basics now need to be scheduled - certainly, there's reassurance in the idea that as one gets older, one tends to slow down...  ah, no.  I've gotten to the point where so much in the last few months alone have been such a blur that I have to often check back on my schedule as to what I've done or where I've been to have a coherent idea of a timeline or frame of reference.

Making time...  proving now to be an art and sometimes a challenge!