Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As always, a word of thanks

At my favorite time, even though I am alone this year, I wanted to give a moment's worth of thanks for all that I have--I have a lot. And for all of it, I am blessed and grateful. I have family and friends I love and respect; I have 3 beautiful cats who give me unconditional love and joy; I have a great, new apartment that epitomizes "home"; I have no debts, good health and most of all, peace of mind and spirit.

I don't need to be in a group or worse, uncomfortable in my own home; Thanksgiving is still, to me, a day to pause and reflect. And being alone gives me the opportunity to do just that. And to give thanks.

I have no complaints. When you are completely free, as I am, there is nothing to do but be grateful and whole.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Get up

Nearly two weeks in the new apartment, which is bright and beautiful, comfortable, warm and home. Such a great feeling; an endless positive vibe. While I have yet to wait for my new sofa to be delivered, everything is right and in its' place. I still have the small task to hang my prints but if that's all that needs addressing, well, that's pretty good.

All that aside, the fact that The Beach Boys' "Smile" was finally released last week and I have not stopped listening to it yet. I'm absorbing all the colors and embracing this as a truly spiritual, musical experience.

At the moment, I can't ask or want for more.