Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September song

It's funny how time changes you.  Seriously. I can remember when I was another person from who I am now and thought some very different thoughts - when living in the moment seemed like it was all that mattered and nothing else did.  That can be fine on some levels - it IS important to be here now, but you do have to consider (especially when you reach a certain age and point and time) in life's experiences that every one of your actions will have a reaction.  And no sooner than I stopped to think about possible ramifications of my actions, etc., things changed dramatically.  And if anything, it set me in the direction I've been traveling in ever since, which is one of balance to rationality to pure joy.

And as time changes a person - if you are willing to embrace change - so does it also keep some people walking in the same circle; never going anywhere.  Names and faces may be new but the stories are always the same.  The bitterness and old hurts come up again and again; the conversation remains the same.  Same.  Repetition.  Going nowhere.  Even the physical parameters are the same - never a different scene.  I cannot, in all good conscience, keep those kind of people in my life any longer, nor grant them re-entry. 

I've forded a river I have no desire to recross; I'm quite content, happy, joy-filled with only positive things in and around my sphere.  The real, daily world is out there - I live in it every day and I take part in things that matter to me.  But what doesn't matter is how anyone on a treadmill lives.  It's ponderous at best, ludicrous at most and I want nothing to do with it.

So the past firmly (yet easily) remains where it belongs - in the past.