Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Autumn stone redux

Well, the cooler weather as left its mark already - on me.  Tried as I did to stave off the malady that's been befalling everyone around me, I'm now sick.  Although I'm sure sitting in the cold and wind for two-plus hours on Sunday night at the Van Morrison concert helped speed things along...!  I'll say this much - if you're going to get a cold, that's a good way - and I mean it by virtue of how good the show was and how much I enjoyed the company I was with.

But now it is the fall - my own tension is mounting because of the ugliness with the upcoming Presidential elections and it's impossible to shake off the negative vibe.  Not surprisingly, I knew from the moment the candidates were announced I would be supporting Hillary Clinton 100% and I haven't wavered in the least.  And it didn't feel great to see my beloved New York Mets go down in defeat last week in the wild card playoff game.  I'm proud that they got there, after all they'd been through, but it would have been nice to see them take it further, surprise people and turn some heads.

The chill is all around - physically and at moments, spiritually.  Ironic, since today is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and I don't feel I have anything to atone for.  I don't think that's arrogance or bravado talking - I just don't have any negative vibes that have hung over my head.  Which is a good thing and a comforting feeling.  So today, this day off and alone, will be put to good use by writing and playing guitar for the sake of necessity/exercise.  And if anything, that puts the warmth right back into me.