Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hotter than a match...

Is it awful or cheesy of me to pull such an obvious quote from The Lovin' Spoonful's biggest hit?  No, because everyone knows they're one of my favorite bands.

Not the usual way one would want to open up a posting but there's a lot and nothing to be said.  It's been oppressively and unhealthily hot, so much so, it leaves me exhausted by day's end, not wanting to get off the couch once I arrive home.  I try to not spend money foolishly; I pretty much keep to myself and only once in a while do I socialize.  I don't feel particularly warm and fuzzy towards most individuals these days.  I've reached a reasonable end point with most of the human race.  The people I love and am closest to know this - and it seems they've also had their fill.

No one knows when to stop - social media justice warriors; virtue signalers; special interest, self-absorbed liars, bigots, hypocrites and those who are so ill-informed - and willfully uneducated - and I don't want to hear it any longer.  This psychotic, obsessive "politically correct" atmosphere has gone beyond its' own boiling point (and mine) into over saturation.  The faux-politik that's spread now like a plague is shameful, embarrassing and dangerous.  I want no part of anyone who is immersed in this kind of childish foolishness.  Childishness is a big part of it all - the only thing I've seen/heard are constant temper tantrums by the left.  Plus, this raging "new infantilism", where people my age act and talk like children is frightening.  You're in your 50's - what the fuck are you doing, talking so reverentially about comic books or dressing like a "superhero"?  Jesus - grow up.  Are you consciously avoiding adulthood, even though you're deep in it?  It's an embarrassment.  Stop it.  Everyone.  Just stop it.

The right doesn't get a pass, but it also doesn't need to be dissected, either - it is now, as it's always been.  Predictability doesn't give it a perfunctory "it's alright" but certainly, the current President of the United States is NOT someone who shocks or "morally outrages" me.  So stop the posturing and pontification:  Donald Trump is going to win another four years if the Democratic Party doesn't come up with a solid, focused and marketable (since they're as full of shit as the day is long) platform that could help unseat the current Federal government.

The "children" running rampant on the left need to be quiet and educate/prepare; they need to stop being angry on my behalf and telling me that if I don't agree with them, I'm a Nazi.  They need to shut the fuck up and start listening.  Or mark my words - nothing is going to change come election day 2020.  I'm already more than exhausted by politics; we suffered a two-year election cycle, starting in 2015 (I was in New Orleans at the time); it hasn't stopped and we're still at it. 

I have little faith in people.  Justifiably so.