Friday, April 13, 2018

April rains (and snows...)

It's gone from cold and grey, when I simply can't stand it to being insanely warm - which, even though I overdressed a bit, I'll take.  It's spring and it's now time for my denim jacket, not my parka, scarf, gloves and snow boots.  Ridiculous!  But thankfully, we may finally be away from the coats and sweaters...  I hope!

Nonetheless, I'm feeling pretty good; pretty sharp and as per usual, cautiously optimistic.  While there are a lot of things happening around me, my own take is that with time and temperance, my own spin is going just fine.  And spring always signifies something good, positive and constructive.  Granted, I've often been lax about doing the things I say I'm going to - especially as time passes and I get older and more tired - but I've actually been doing, instead of thinking or talking about.

So the warmth has melted my frozen mental state (!) and reawakened my drive and motivation.  And I can't ask for more, can I?  I mean, I could, but what's the point.  When it's good, why push when you don't need to...