Saturday, February 06, 2016

February's quiet

Extra points to anyone who gets the reference...  duh!

Jesus, it's been a fast month-plus since my last entry.  The day job has been busy (which, of course, is good).  This summer's vacation is already booked, with all the details taken care of; the writing is now ahead of schedule, so to speak as the weekly show is always a great thing.  Seeing dear friends tomorrow morning for brunch and pulling the rest together.  At 51 (now), I feel a greater sense of energy - not urgency - to continue to do things and get them completed/accomplished.

Even though the two main focuses - recording and going to the gym daily - have become lax, I don't feel the tension (self-induced) or stress about "oh, shit - got to do it right now" because sometimes, there truly aren't enough hours in the day to do everything.  I'm remedying both situations because I was able to find a way to apportion the time to write and plan for the radio show.  And I don't know when the podcast will begin (I'm still not even sure what to call it yet) but that, too, is on the docket.

If there's one great thing I can say since 2016 began, it's that for once - at least in the last few years - the winter doldrums haven't crept in.  I feel good, inspired, driven and not mired by cold (since it hasn't been all too bad) or anything negative. 

So all I intend to is climb aboard and take it easy...