Saturday, April 18, 2015

Around the sun

Finally, one of those perfect spring days - the kind of Saturday that says "do what you want and enjoy every moment".  It didn't start out on that note; waking to find that United Airlines arbitrarily changed our flights to New Orleans.  Good thing that it's a few months away and I was able to make the necessary re-adjustments by contacting the hotel and airport shuttle service.  Nonetheless, the aggravation quickly subsided, to be replaced by the bliss of my morning juice, muffin and coffee.  Keeping it simple; keeping it joyful and delightful.

At the same time, having the new Taylor 12-string makes the recording process one step easier and the willingness to do acoustic solo sets a firm yes; the Washburn just needs too much work for me to attempt to go out live and make it work.  So even though we're in April, the time is still early and I have things now mapped out in my mind so that I can act upon them, rather than try to find the way since now I'm there.

Patience - clarity - rationality.  It's always what serves me best.