Saturday, August 29, 2009

There goes your nondescript summer...

The end of August already... wow. Time and life just seem to go faster and faster... First and foremost, let me rant a moment, thanks to something that recent caught my eye while changing channels and as a lead in to one of the few T.V. shows, I like, Chelsea Lately... Congratulations once again, E! for playing to the lowest common denominator with another show starring the ugly Kardashian whores. Christ. What is with this country, that channel and those women?

Okay. I feel cleansed. I'm having dental aggravations again, not dissimilar to the one I had three years ago. Right now, it's only three days and I started using that Orabase gel-paste. If the pain doesn't subside by Monday (between using that and Advil), I won't waste further time and call the dentist in an emergency, even though I'm due back for my cleaning on September 21. Ugh.

I obviously can't sleep, but I'm planning on studio time starting at 9 a.m. today, so we're finally back in business. It hasn't hurt, being inspired by seeing The Beatles Anthology on VH-1 (even though I've owned it since it came out in '96). Between that and the renewed love affair with R.E.M. and I feel the rush coming on.

Sunday a.m. sees a trip to the gym and if I'm up for it, brunch with Master Ro. All in all, a nicely laid out weekend, considering the days are supposed to be wet and gloomy...

Now to find something to read so I can catch just a few more z's.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Last man standing?

Seems like the blogging world is shrinking... no matter. It still does me good; I can refine my own thoughts while on here, purging.

Ever since the bills have been paid off and the focus has been on saving and change, I feel a lightness that's long-eluded me. It's made the last few weeks so much more palatable. I'm back in a groove that I haven't had in a few years--sometimes I don't mind stepping back in order to move forward.

This includes making "new" music; while I'll be the first one to admit that I'm lazy and hard to motivate when it comes to recording without a specific deadline or reason, I still love doing it when I move my ass. I couldn't begin to tell you when Last Stop... will be done and ready, but hey--half the battle's won by at least having the artwork good to go. But I am serious and focused when it comes to making "Rose Tattoo" as good as possible--I want it to be a standout; I admit I like this song a lot and it excites me.

Next week, we're heading to A.C. for a few days of R&R, sun, sea, drink and good times. For anyone who thinks I don't know how to wind out and enjoy myself, fuck you. Ha ha ha.

The balance of this weekend, etc. will be gym, tending to the apartment and generally prepping for our drive. So with all that in my hands, time to say "later, kids"...