Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sprinting towards the end...

We're near the end of another difficult year; I'm on the 14th year of this blog - and I will continue as long as Blogger exists; that will not change.  But after two years of (seemingly) being in the wild wood, I've started to mentally prepare to charge forward into 2019 with some very clear targets aimed at and to be obtained.  As with everything else, especially as one gets older, it takes time, focus and patience - somewhere along the lines over these two years, I keep allowing myself to be sidetracked and that is completely my own undoing.

So it's back to square one - a proverbial list of what I need/want.  Nothing lofty, ludicrous or embarrassing - just to improve my physical health, which will, in turn, lift up my mental and spiritual health; to re-energize my musical talents and get back to playing with regularity and power and to find a better job - higher salary, available benefits and bonuses and a hopefully positive work atmosphere.  As I said, all of which takes time and patience, as well as diligence.

Xmas is next week; I begin a break from my current job starting this Friday; I will try to use that time off to my advantage and prepare for the oncoming year with positivity.