Monday, September 02, 2019

September song #3 (I've got a feeling)...

Walking through Target this weekend, I started to remember what Labor Day weekend always meant when I was young - it signified the end of summer.  The Jerry Lewis M.D.A. Telethon would be on in our house religiously; school would begin in a matter of days (usually the 7th) and we would be doing the last of the traumatic "back to school" shopping:  notebooks, pencils, pens, school bag and clothes.  As time passed and I made it through high school, it became less upsetting - senior year (1982) was off to a positive direction, especially as I was about to begin proselytizing about this new band I'd discovered in August from Athens, Georgia, called R.E.M. and their debut E.P., "Chronic Town". The year went sideways quickly when the announcement of The Jam's break up hit me like a ton of bricks, but that was in November.  I managed to survive the crisis of faith when R.E.M.'s "Murmur" was released in April, '83 and it served as our soundtrack for graduation.

Once I had officially graduated, I actually looked forward to beginning my college career - I was prepared (complete with a brand-new Walkman); I had just joined a band (Two Minutes Hate) and there were two record stores right by my school (Bondy's and J&R Music World).  That first morning at Pace University, I stopped into J&R and came out with about 6 or 7 now-classic albums I bought off their cut-out wall and the latest "Trouser Press", which had The Jam, Pete Shelley and R.E.M. on the cover.  It looked like it was going to be a stellar semester.  It was - to some extent; I wasn't enthralled with being a pre-med and the 9-plus hours spent in classes (like the 4 hour bio lab on Mondays) wore me down quickly.  My parents, in their wisdom, patience and kindness told me to take a year off and concentrate on the band, since we were working and getting better all the time.

Suffice it to say, that wasn't exactly the best thing, either - I became bored, found a job and was able to help fund the first two E.P,'s we released.  I went back to school of my own accord and in September '85, was about 40 pounds lighter, dressed well (or at least trendy!) and wound up with a girlfriend on the first day of classes (I took a music course, "Rock & Contemporary Culture - Music 147". which was a no-brainer.  I got a 105 on my mid-term for answering the bonus question and I sang my final, which netted me an A+).  So it began my second wave as a college student meant September would always be a good month.

The memories serve me well; a day like today (rainy and quiet) allows the time to think and reflect in a helpful and meditative way.