Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New day, new year, new approach

It's not even noon on the first day of 2019.  If I'm going to "get my magic back" (to use an old McCartney-ism), I may as well start with writing something on New Year's Day!

It was a quiet last day of vacation/New Year's Eve - taking the car for an oil change is about as much excitement as I could bear...  Those 20 minutes were agony (ha ha ha)!  After coming home, I set out the evening celebration meal - Liz had to work, so I wanted her to come home and be able to unwind, relax and not have to do anything; she deserved some down time.  Your basic New Year's Eve fare for two:  shrimp, vegetables, cheeses, bread, fruit and cookies, plus plenty of seltzer, since neither one of us wanted to imbibe any alcohol.  Watched television, kissed at midnight and went to bed.  At nearly 54, I'm not exactly the party type and I certainly wouldn't want to be physically out somewhere on this night - never mind that it was pouring rain from the afternoon onward.

The time off from the 21st until today has been helpful; I was able to clear out some mental cobwebs, get physical rest/sleep and let my body heal a bit from the last year's somewhat chronic pains.  I've circulated resumes during the time off; did a little bit of writing (one music review) and navigated two more podcast episodes.  Money has been tight but all in all, I think we're starting to see the shore after a frustratingly long swim.

Whatever your hopes and goals are for 2019, I hope you reach them and obtain them; let's hope that these last two years are left behind in the rear view mirror and we can see some positive results without too many more negative ones to trip any of us up.