Saturday, January 13, 2018

Watch the sunrise

Another double-entendre, since yes, it's a Big Star song and it IS 5:20 a.m.  Couldn't sleep anymore, considering I went to bed after midnight, which isn't my usual thing.  At the same time, the hoped-for conclusion to a very unhappy chapter did occur happily two days ago, so there's yet again a reason to absorb the metaphoric brightness of a new day after walking through a long, dark nightmare.  Starting today, I finally do get to begin living in full again.

That pre-birthday celebartion from last week will now be a post-birthday dinner tonight, thanks to an over-hyped snowstorm - and I'm glad because this way, we can spend more time together in the evening, rather than rushing on a weeknight; next week, The Posies...  and so many wonderful things now planned and confirmed - yes, you do get a second chance to breathe, sometimes.

So for an early Saturday morning - and feeling energetic before I've even had my coffee, it's time to start getting the day in order, which includes the wonderfully mundane like scooping the catboxes now and then grocery shopping before the usual weekend deluge.  Except, I'll savor it today.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Nine below zero

Second day of the new year; second week of temperatures in the teens and tomorrow I start my new job.  Excited/elated/joyful/slightly nervous - and I would think justifiably so.  I can only hope the good vibes keep me warm as I make my way back into the city and up to the Village.

So much to look forward to already - dinner on Thursday night with my favorite person in the world; my 53rd birthday on Sunday; The Posies at City Winery on the 24th.  All that remains a question mark is taking care of last year's business on the 11th.  One hopes it concludes the way I hope it will.

Nevertheless, we've managed to escape a bizarre and trying year like 2017.  This is like no other year I've ever been witness to.  Some high "ups" and the deepest, lowest of "downs" - not just personally, but it seems globally.  Certainly, I cannot count a single friend who thought last year was any good.

Here I am - filled with hope and some restrained optimism.  That isn't bad criteria at all to begin this year with, is it?