Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Nine below zero

Second day of the new year; second week of temperatures in the teens and tomorrow I start my new job.  Excited/elated/joyful/slightly nervous - and I would think justifiably so.  I can only hope the good vibes keep me warm as I make my way back into the city and up to the Village.

So much to look forward to already - dinner on Thursday night with my favorite person in the world; my 53rd birthday on Sunday; The Posies at City Winery on the 24th.  All that remains a question mark is taking care of last year's business on the 11th.  One hopes it concludes the way I hope it will.

Nevertheless, we've managed to escape a bizarre and trying year like 2017.  This is like no other year I've ever been witness to.  Some high "ups" and the deepest, lowest of "downs" - not just personally, but it seems globally.  Certainly, I cannot count a single friend who thought last year was any good.

Here I am - filled with hope and some restrained optimism.  That isn't bad criteria at all to begin this year with, is it?


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