Friday, August 12, 2016

Hot as sun...

The powerful Texas heat - 100 degrees everyday - was far more palatable than what's happening now and I am drained.  Good thing the office is closed for our annual August break; no need to head into Manhattan for a week!

The vacation in Austin did me a world of good - a relaxing and comfortable flight (there and back); a stellar hotel - seeing something different and experiencing new places, sights, tastes and sounds is a refresher and a joy.  Being that I don't usually imbibe alcohol, I took advantage of the time off and away and had many a relaxing drink, which made the evenings even more relaxed.

So now the focus for this week is simple - gym in the morning, see friends at least twice and in the afternoons, try to focus on and record music.  No pressure nor aggravation - just see what can be accomplished.  Not too lofty and not too pushy.  Just chilled - which is how any vacation time should be.