Thursday, July 31, 2014

One moment in time...

Just a thought of sweet nostalgia - one year ago tonight.  The night we all said goodbye to Maxwell's.  Even now...  I watch that video clip; I re-read what I wrote - I think about it and no matter what, my eyes fill with tears of joy and disbelief.

Still seems so beautifully unreal.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Independence Day redux

A good night's sleep helps heal the physical maladies that have been plaguing me lately - so waking up with my hip not hurting, as it had been, is pretty encouraging.  The skies are overcast and looking like the rains will be coming dow at any given moment.  But I do not care; aside from having no plans for this 4th of July, I am merely glad to feel alright. 

It's been difficult for some time, as many of you know, for me to feel close to 100% - between the arm problems I had in not one, but both arms, and then the hip problems, it's been something of a disappointing time.  The physical pains and problems lead to a dip in the emotional state and subsequently, I haven't had the drive I'd had previously.  BUT...  this is not a moan-fest.  I AM feeling quite a lot better and am looking squarely at the now and the tomorrow, not the yesterday. 

So what better day to wake up and feel good?  On the day the Colonies became the United States.  Pretty apt, I'd say.  Simple things to do - groceries - maybe attempt the gym - write and post the next round of reviews.  My kind of day off, plus it's a long weekend.

I wish everyone a fun and safe Independence Day!