Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend rewind (and then some)

Fantastic weekend, if you consider the trivialities of doing housework, running errands and the like to be "fantastic"--that's how I define this past weekend by virtue of feeling accomplished. Not lingering in the apartment after Liz left for work on Saturday morning and getting the laundry finished by 9 was the start. Stopping off to get my haircut and having them do it right made me feel, for all intents and purposes, like a million dollars. A solid night's sleep (by going to bed at 9:15 and getting up at 4:15!) didn't hurt either. And the pleasure of having Liz home on Sunday gave us the chance to have a good, old-fashioned "suburban" day (her phrase), which meant fun jaunts to Starbucks, Target, the mall and a visit to my father. All in all, stress-free, full of laughs and a comfortable two days of sunshine.

With that being said, it's the simpler joys in my life that have been keeping me focused and getting my thing completely together again.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Home again and again

The doldrums of February are usually filled with a resounding ecch; for me, at least this year, not so much. You can say what you will about the likes of Facebook, but once again, it has reconnected me with another once-lost friend, with whom I spent a few hours last night, drinking wine, talking, catching up and comparing notes of one another's lives since we last saw one another. Could it have been a more perfect evening? No. To be able to talk without distraction of noise or chaos; to be able to listen and hear one another and walk on the same adult plane; to share many of the same opinions is a reassuring and comforting feeling. Knowing that although time and circumstances have changed and we've grown older, we still see so many things the same.

We're waiting for 2 feet of snow to drop. Yeah, right. Just like this past weekend. Much ado about nothing.

At least I have plenty to keep me occupied in case it happens. Enough healthy food, coffee and the warmth of a comfortable home.