Sunday, June 19, 2011

What you want it to be

And yet again, another fabulous weekend--not too dissimilar to last week. Friday night dinner with old friends, which lifts my spirits; yesterday, an early grocery shop, great Mexican food and a relaxing night in front of the television, watching a Mets victory. Today, even though it's getting late, a trip to the gym and laundry--not too shabby.

Most importantly, I also now have a clear recording schedule in shape. I am fortunate enough to have the talents of Jeremy Michael Miller, a brilliant musician/producer/engineer in my corner to help get these songs off the ground. He's already taken "Bed Of Thorns" from the demo and started to build a solid backing track for me to add on and complete in hopefully a short amount of time. So it looks as if an album is about to go through the digestion period and be born in a realistic amount of time.

So far so good. Shake off the cobwebs, let go and walk it home...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kicking dust and stones, barefoot

Still on a roll with writing new songs, although the dynamic of subject matter has changed. Doesn't matter--material still pouring forth. And by feeling as good as I have lately, I see no reason to think about it.

A vintage weekend: Friday night, a light dinner and drinks with friends up on a rooftop during a beautiful, clear night in the city. Saturday: up early and off to get our new iPhones--no headache, no hassles and all our info went from the old cells to the new. Spent the afternoon texting and not minding, watching TV and relaxing during a wet and crummy evening. Yesterday, up early and out for Liz and I to enjoy a classic breakfast, wake ourselves up completely and get the groceries done. A quick trip to Target, the mall (okay; yes, I did throw down for a new pair of Wayfarers--after 23 years, everyone deserves to splurge a little); she treated me to Starbucks and home to enjoy the balance of the day.

Looking forward to the gym tonight and getting some acoustic solo time in. I feel like the light is shining in total again.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Inspiration and perspiration

Started reading Bob Mould's autobiography this morning. Already hard to put down. Suffice it to say there are some very uncomfortable similarities, which reconfirmed for me so much of what I know/have known about myself and the people around me--that none of us are special. That so many of us grew up in difficult circumstances. I don't know if it will hinder my writing of my own weird story, but aside from the obvious differences, I suppose we really do all have the same shared experiences.

Nonetheless, it does help, when I read books like this or Richard Barone's amazing "Frontman" to keep me thinking of mistakes made by others that I never made and to always be glad of having what I had from my years as a working musician.

It remains to be seen that I, too, can deliver the goods--except my story comes from the angle of someone who probably could have had it, but chose not to. Besides, I've lived more of a rock-and-roll lifestyle than most "successful" rock stars.