Sunday, September 24, 2006

Quick update

To all my friends and extended members of the family who read this blog, etc., I just want to say thank you all very much for the endless amount of calls, cards and e-mails asking about my father and sending your love and best wishes. It means a lot to me and my family.

He is still in the hospital and will be for a while; I don't think any of us (doctors included) know when he will be out; if he will recover in full and what the future holds, but your prayers and warmth are something I won't soon forget.

An update (as trite as it is) on The Punch Line's website is that with the end of the last line-up, I have decided to let it lapse since it wasn't being tended to by the webmaster; as I paid the costs for the release of the album, I will not pick up the tab any longer for the former members. If you would like to continue following things, please don't hesitate to come here, my website or the MySpace page--and of course, please write if you have any questions.

Thank you all again; much love and God bless.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fast but not furious

Music has not been on my mind lately. My father has been in the hospital for the last week and will be there for a while; thank you to everyone who has called and written to me. It's been difficult, but this is reality and it has to be dealt with appropriately. Been shuttling back and forth between home, work and my dad's apartment to pick up his mail, pay his bills and make sure his house remains in order, while going to the hospital.

Thankfully, the car was out of commission for only one day and the garage (God bless) didn't charge me for the rental usage. Really glad everything's in good running order and since I took the car in for a heavy-duty wash, wax and vacuuming on Saturday, it looks great.

Beyond all this, nothing to say. The preoccupation's with my dad.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some of this and some of that

I neglected to mention in my last posting that some douchebag (sorry, but really no other word to use) backed into my car when it was parked and managed to wreak an estimated $800.00 worth of havoc on the front end. Thankfully, I can drive it since the radiator, etc. wasn't damaged, but it needs to be repaired and to say I was angry would be an understatement. How fucked is that?

Had a late Friday night out with a friend of mine last week. Over some very fine cigars and wine, she and I talked about our current work situations, our lives since we no longer see one another every day and all the things happening around us. I realized that it's moments like last Friday and seeing/spending time with D. (who I absolutely love) make me glad to be where I am at the moment. She's an amazing woman and I couldn't be luckier to call her friend. I've missed a lot of my old friends and past comrades.

Also had the laugh of my life. Liz and I went to PNC Arts Center and saw Opie & Anthony's Travelling Virus show. It's the comedy Lollapalooza and fuck, was it funny. You can say what you will about the humor, but sometimes you just need to loosen up and laugh. God bless Lil' Jimmy. He's the king of comedy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Laborious days

It's been an odd two month period. Between work, home and music and the changes I've initiated around me, it's been hard to gauge everything. This is the first time since July I've had 72 hours of no plans; just time to do what I need to and time to not think. I just want to lie on the sofa and read in silence.

However, I can't. We have things to do around the house (as arcane as it sounds) and I have things to do, like getting rid of clothes, papers, etc. No major overhauls, just some fine tuning.

As far as the band goes, I've gotten a ton of e-mail (especially from people I hadn't heard from in quite a while) and I'd like to say thank you for the incredibly kind things that have been said. I have to admit that I'm really surprised/taken aback at the overwhelmingly same response I received from most when I would reply that the other two gentlemen who had been in the band were no longer in the group--"it's about time". Did not expect that. When something reaches its' natural conclusion, you move forward. In previous times, when a so-called crisis would arise (i.e. certain members would go a.w.o.l., etc.), The Punch Line would fold. In this instance, majority of work dictates the nature and direction of the group. Since this last version of the band was something I tightly held the reins on, I say otherwise. As long as it remains as fresh and bullshit-free as it's been, I'm more than content to carry on at our leisure and schedules. There's no more of the nonsense; no having to pretend or keep nodding some obligatory acknowledgment to the past. So that's the first moment to exhale.

The summer dreariness kept me from feeling at 100%; working as much as I have and being unable to relax has also led me astray from the gym. So I'm looking forward to a re-energized focus starting with working out again this week.

No platitudes; no great revelations. New version of the band; renewed exercise plateaus to start reaching again and we'll go from there. Simplify and get to it.

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