Friday, September 28, 2012

Always forward

I completed the writing, editing and proofreading of our trip to Memphis; I completed my live concert reviews.  All have now been submitted and the decks are cleared for the next round - record reviews, interviews, movies.  The path lies straight ahead and it looks good.

The next item to address is recording - not just resuming the mapping out of the album (and it should be noted that "The Next Sometime Soon" is going to be a double album; there's no way getting around it) but recording theme and incidental music for two new podcast series.  I feel a creative rebirth that's been slowly building up and now it's finally getting to where it should go/be.  I don't feel overwhelmed by any of it; I savor it all and try to take as much pleasure as I can while keeping in mind that there is a job to do be done and to do it right.

There is also a matter of keeping the house in order; I have now one year left in Staten Island; I signed my final lease extension, so there is a conclusive end point.  And I am ready to get back to the workouts that helped me get through the rough period - it's now a case of simply doing it again - regularly, focused - because I enjoy it and it benefits me and improves my life on every level.  Spiritually, physically, mentally.

And I couldn't ask for better.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The hump (and how to get over it)

There is no explanation as to why I wasn't able to regain my footing immediately upon our return from Memphis.  I felt slightly physically off - not ill - and in something of an emotional vacuum.  No rhyme nor reason for any of it, but I finally leaped completely over the hurdle last night as I sat down to work on the written account of our "pilgrimage" to Memphis.  What had sat untended to beyond one not-very-enthused paragraph became, after 45 minutes, 1062 words.  And that was just the basics.  After a phone conversation with my incredibly supportive editor, I'm focusing on adding those little nuances tonight and then continuing on with the chronicle.

I'm writing this here as I recall a recent posting on this blog about this very topic - getting over a writing block.  And I could not be more relieved and proud to have listened to my own advice and pulled it all together.

Having said that - in a non-bluster filled moment, I hope - I will turn my attentions this weekend to resuming my fitness regimen, doing my routines and chores and then recording "Savannah Sunrise", the now-19 year old instrumental which will serve as the theme music (!) for the soon-to-launch podcast "Aural Assessments", which is a music review-forum that I will be taking part in.  I'm very proud to have been asked to provide the theme; I'm even more pleased that I actually have something at the ready!