Thursday, June 01, 2017

Every day...

As I had hoped and to a great degree, prayed for, things have taken a turn for the better and much more positive.  The days have been brighter and not so frustration and trepidation-filled.  I feel like I'm back among the living again; meeting new people - new experiences and surroundings and I'm focusing on keeping it all together.  I want to make certain there are no mis-steps - certainly, none by my own hand/undoing.  My mind is clear and I've shaken most of the emotional cobwebs of the last four months by working tirelessly at fixing as much as I can from the damage.

It may be a tired and well-worn cliche, but it really doesn't get any easier as one gets older.  If anything, age makes things more difficult.  There is definitely a sense of "ageism" out there; experience seems to be so under-valued and unappreciated.  But I've gotten back up to a fresh and major plateau that I didn't think possible; at least, not this quickly.

Thankful?  You'd better believe it.  Relieved?  To a large extent.  Time and patience will tell the rest.  All I can do is continue to let the universe unfold as it's supposed to - naturally.