Friday, October 11, 2019

October sky #2

It's getting colder, but in a comfortable way, which helps offset the general feeling.  A constant state of malaise, if not outright despondency and some social psychosis, seems to now be the norm.  Politics has crept into the bloodstream like a virus and it's dragging everyone down to the very bottom.  I've been doing my best to buck against it in a simple manner - don't get involved in social media nonsense; pay no heed to uneducated, ill-informed, bandwagon jumping, ignorant virtue signalling and maintain perspective when watching the "news", since it's become a subjective medium, rather than a fact-based service.  And it's working; my own life/existence is fine - I work; I write; I occasionally socialize and I have my house in order.  I've become - THANKFULLY - indifferent to 99% of everything I hear because I won't allow irrationalities creep into my orbit.  And if you talk shit, I become instantly deaf and disinterested.

Thus, my focus is readjusted - concentrating on my avenues of writing; still working on music and enjoying my existence.  At 54, there are more important things to think about than what someone on television or a celebrity has to say.  No one dictates and defines the direction of my life - I think for myself, thank you very much.

On the "this is pretty neat" front, I found out that a copy of The Punch Line's 1988 debut 45 was recently sold on Discogs for $98.00.  It's really flattering to think someone, somewhere wanted our single and were willing to pay a nice amount for it.  Where it came from and who sold it is a mystery to me, but the photo on Discogs showed a slightly water stained copy, but hey - someone certainly held on to it for over 30 years!  Could we actually be the cult heroes many people have said we are?!