Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sigh and not explode

Another glorious Sunday - waking up after a (thankfully) solid night's sleep with sun pouring in.  Feed the cats and enjoy breakfast in the calm and quiet.  An ice-cold glass of orange juice; a chocolate chip muffin; a fresh banana and deliciously strong coffee is all I needed to set the tone for the day.  A quick and easy grocery shop; an iced blueberry coffee before heading home and all is golden.  I even dozed off for a little while.

Days like today are all I want; they're all I need.  Now when I watch the news, I don't let it affect me.  I see Twitter or Facebook and I don't care.  My orbit is what I'm about.  I feel good; I'm still healthy and I feel sharper; clear-headed and able to parse out my thoughts in an even-more rational fashion than before.

Ever onward, y'know...

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Another pleasant valley Sunday into tomorrow...

The days are speeding past and blending into one another, almost seamlessly.  Independence Day came and went with an embarrassing deluge of anti-American sentiment and childish complaints about "too many fireworks" - when did this suddenly become such a topic to bitch about?  It's July 4th... Everyone is looking for something to be pissed off at and by.  I won't have any of it.  I've been learning to master the art of not caring about the superficial feelings of people who want desperately to preach at me.  I know I sound like a broken record, but Twitter is the petri dish of stupidity fomenting and Facebook is the platform of unadulterated insanity.  And I refuse to take bait.

Here's what I've come to feel:  your opinions don't matter to me.  They're opinions.  Your preaching means nothing to me.  You want to jump on a bandwagon/flavor-of-the-week cause, don't expect me to give you the time of day.  I don't support it; I never have.  Has it cost me friends?  Perhaps.  Does it worry or concern me now?  No.  Because the reality is this:  I'm 55 years old.  I'm already educated and wise enough to know what is real, what is viable and what is momentary bullshit.  I've seen this nonsense before and I don't have any care about your "feelings" and feigned passion.  If you partake in the hideous acts of "doxxing" and public shaming, ridicule and trying to put someone out of a job or out of business, you are absolutely no better than the so-called evil you're barking about.  "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"...  well, that cannot be said about any of the morally indignant, social justice warriors/virtue signalers.  99% of those who take these actions are amongst the most amoral, indecent degenerates walking the streets.  Hypocrisy knows no bounds.  And these people are just empty vessels.  They need to fill a gaping void.

This time at home has been an unseen blessing in my eyes - I've been able to observe with greater clarity than ever at how truly unappealing people are - and they've allowed themselves to become these awful characters.  Being at home, safe and following the very simple directives on how not to become ill, has made me mentally stronger; emotionally sharper and I feel re-educated and rejuvenated.  Instead of being an asshole, bemoaning "why can't I go to the bar?" (how old are you people, college age idiots aside?), I do what needs to be done.  It costs nothing to stay home in safety; I have my mask for when I go out and I practice social distancing.  I do what I need to do and it suits me fine.  When the time comes, I can go back to the gym - that's the only thing I miss.  So what's to complain about?

People want to be miserable; people want to point fingers and place blame.  It doesn't work for me and it doesn't work on me.  Get your own house in order first. 

Me?  I'm going to enjoy watching the rain come down, as I know it's going to break the heat!