Saturday, October 11, 2014

Everyday spins

It's funny - no complaints about anything - but it amazes me:  when I think I have complete control again of my time and how to apportion it - work; time for writing, doing "Overnight America", gym, play guitar and record - other things; newer things come along.  This too, I think I've begun to master!  I reiterate - there are no negatives here; I just want to make sure that sooner than later, all the things I want (and feel I need) to do are done/achieved/accomplished.

Even something like sitting down here to write what I'm thinking about has diminished over the years, especially in this last one, but naturally, it's due to all the other writing I've done and continue to do.  But I am glad to give myself the few minutes it takes to say what I want to and clear out these few cobwebs or arcane thoughts tumbling around in my mind as new "adventures" (some of which I'd never even thought of before) start to take shape.

So I exhale, close my eyes for a moment and get right back to work...  even this late on a Saturday night.