Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dusting off

Still haven't been able to shake off this crud; while the fever broke and I can actually breathe again, my chest hurts, thanks to the heavy cough that hasn't disappeared yet. It's been difficult functioning when feeling this way.

A nice weekend with Liz, nonetheless. Quiet, little stress. As I only went to work for two hours on Friday and then came home, Saturday chores were minimal--groceries for us and my dad and to the accountant's to pick up the taxes. Some delicious Thai for lunch and then the rest of the day in front of the gogglebox. My first restful night of sleep in three or four days. This morning, we new residents of Union went to the local Whole Foods (yes!), stopped at Starbucks for a chai (nice) and Target for some household necessities. In for the rest of the day on a bitter cold afternoon.

A heavy work week ahead (I think) and to the gym tomorrow night for my first workout since August and to meet with the nutritionist. Hopefully a good week to look forward to and write off this past week on the whole. I also anticipate some Punch Line time this coming week, so we shall see. Whether it's the band in full flight or Bob and myself working on new material, either way, it's all good.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Knocked for a loop

Been ill for the last three days with (of all things) a flu-like illness. Considering I had the flu shot, I also have all the symptoms. Feel awful; pains in my body, fever, congestion, coughing, lack of sleep and no appetite. Just great. The only good thing is that I get to lie on the sofa in my new living room. Went to work both yesterday and today for about an hour or two to make sure certain things were done. I defy anyone now to challenge the seriousness of how I approach my job.

Time to get the band working again next week. Got to proofread the artwork for the album one last time, as to the last directive of changes I sent Chris; the new band site is supposed to launch on the 1st. Want to get the masters and the art to manufacturing (hopefully) within the next two weeks. I think we should get into the studio and start prepping for live shows. Too many breaks between moments of achievement.

Beyond that, I can't think all too clearly; being sick has left a gaping void. At least for now.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Settled in

The apartment is now at 100%; Liz had to go to work today--I drove her to the train on her maiden voyage as a New Jersey commuter and I did laundry, watched The Punch Line's video from our '04 show and am now trying to gather my thoughts to write something worthwhile.

It is true that moving is a stressful event; although I've moved twice since I was 26, I didn't feel the pains of it until last week. Of course, I also haven't changed states, had to re-shape my life dramatically or pay such extraordinary prices for moving, furniture and rent. I now know this is the adult world and I live in it, like some of it or not.

I will say this--and it was a topic I was delving into with Bob on Saturday, as he came over for an evening's good conversation and beverages--at least here I feel something akin to belonging to a community, as corny as that may be. I belong to a local gym, local bank; work nearby, etc. I feel comfortable in this town, this apartment and now hopefully can regain the hold on my life that had been slightly grasped away from me over the past few months since my change of jobs, etc. I felt nothing of that in Staten Island; only the ardent desire to leave.

It also stands to reason that now The Punch Line can regain our momentum. The artwork is done; with having to (unfortunately) pay unexpected taxes (on Synchronic), the funds are a little tight, but we should be able to pool our resources to hit our mid-March release plan. We're all physically near one another now, so rehearsals should really begin to shape themselves into the schedule and I would really like to play live again--we talked about it and CBGB's would be nice before it closes and some other clubs Bob knows of. Cautious optimism again.

It all begins anew, just in time for spring. Prophetic or just good timing?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I (still) love you...

I was only offline Sunday night until Tuesday morning when the Comcast guys came dead on time. That was the first good thing after the ordeal of the movers NOT showing up until 8:30 p.m. Yes, you read correctly. Liz and I were finally here, alone, at 1:30 a.m. on Monday night. Unfuckingbelievable.

Tuesday: awake at 5:45; barely any sleep and the apartment looked beyond description. Where to start? Ran on fumes all day as it was unpack; wait for utilities (Elizabethtown Gas sucks--they were the only ones who dropped the ball by not showing up at all) and work non-stop. The apartment is now at 99%; the exception being that I'm in need of someone who can rig up my VCR and cable, as Comcast didn't have the right wires or splitters available. Ugh. The only losses in the move were 4 DVD's--and they were actually lost somehow--including my beloved Quadrophenia. FUCK. I already replaced the other 3.

More chores yesterday and today to get settled in; DMV took less than an hour total (not including the 20 or so minutes to drive from one office to the next); picked up my official gym membership card, groceries, a test run for Liz with N.J. Transit and finding her bank and new doctors' offices. Already, we're feeling like we belong in this community. Nice to be able to look at my car and see the parking permit affixed to the window. Nicer still to look out the window and see the car parked right there. I think I love this place already.

The only real downside to this whirlwind week is that I didn't have a chance to pick up a Valentine's Day card for Liz. Some may say it's inconsiderate; others may say it's understandable. I say to her: I love you; I apologize and you know that you're always my Valentine. So even if this posting is two days past the holiday, it's still totally from the heart. I'm all about the love.

So should you be.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I sit in snow

As everything was puttering along at a nice, unfettered and steady rate in anticipation and preparation for the move (which, of course, is tomorrow), it's fucking snowing in what is reported as a blizzard. Naturally. Two feet of shit is expected. Oh well...

At this point, we've already boxed up just about everything, except the computer, so I could make sure we had outside contact until tonight and the T.V.'s as with this storm, we need to keep the news readily available. We made a total of 5 trips between Friday night and yesterday, plus a Target run to buy some necessities before the move-in. Couldn't have been smarter. As it is, with the snow prohibiting us from doing any more runs, at least we're able to clean this apartment and NOT have to come back to do so on Wednesday; all we'll do then is pick up the mail and hand over the keys.

So until Comcast comes and hooks us up again, this is my last post from New York--fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slowly bent back into shape

Two days until I'm off from work for a week to do the move. The weekend equals bringing everything that I don't want in the hands of the movers. Not that I'm paranoid; I just don't trust them. Tuesday sees cable, gas and living room furniture. Wednesday: New Jersey DMV, back to S.I. to return the cable boxes, clean the vacated apartment and hand in the keys. Hopefully, by Thursday, Bob can come over and we can start working on new music together. Add to this, the (hopefully) completed taxes for the year. I already took care of the new bank account (PNC is SO easy to deal with); just want to be able to catch my breath.

I feel tired on the whole; like the diffusion process has been draining me. Knowing that this will all be over in a few days. I can start hitting the gym next week; we can hopefully get a rehearsal night in as well over the 3 day weekend. Now that we'll all be local, I want to make sure that the impetus that has been building up (again) doesn't fall by the wayside.

Now all I need to do in this new-found focus is to amend my eating habits (ecch) and shave off this beard. Time for all change.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Two beads at the end

So it goes that either way, this year, the tax situation is a "you can now breathe again" scenario. Do I feel better; relieved? Absolutely. I should have the finished returns by mid-week. Today, we start bringing the first items to Mill Run. Now, I can begin to slowly diffuse. I think Liz and I deserve an early morning stop at Starbucks; If all goes well, we should be able to do 3 trips today. If we do manage to accomplish this, it would basically take care of all the little items (bags, odds and ends, etc. that had been sitting in our closets) and the boxed kitchen appliances.
That would leave the music equipment and the clothes for next week.

I actually began to loosen up after watching the Rangers pull off a come-from-behind win over the Flyers. Jesus, is that what it takes?

Bob just got a new iPod. Damn him--now I want one! I know what my gift to myself will be for all the shit I just went spinning through.

Recommendation of the week (especially since I opened one of the boxes containing CD's just so I could hear it again): Sub-Stance by Department S. Follow the link on my last post and don't think about it--just buy it.

Oh, and go Seahawks.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Clap now

Feeling under the weather, both physically and mentally. Tired, worn, slightly stressed and I think I have a mild stomach virus. Nonetheless, we're going to get our taxes done on Saturday and then to bring the first items to Mill Run. Only one more week to go; closing the book on a lifetime spent in one place. How odd.

Looking forward to the immediate aftermath of moving into the new place: hitting the gym and starting work with Bob on some new songs. Add a dash of rehearsals on a set schedule and the album going to manufacturing; suddenly things look good for The Punch Line au printemps. Am hoping that the revamped website goes up shortly; now that we have the artwork, we need to formally announce a release date and launch the new site to go with the album's issue. I need to contact Chris and have him add a "merchandise" page as I think we should do stickers (duh!) and t-shirts, which I already know what they should look like.

The night is young; the mood is mellow and there's music in my ears...

Is Vic there?