Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The nondescript nature of August...

I'm not sure what to say, at this point.  I am completely emotionally drained and disconnected. 

Before anyone misinterprets what I'm feeling or tries to be analytical in the predictably ham-handed way, allow me to say what it is:  I am absolutely fine - healthy, not in any relationship difficulties, gainfully employed, etc.  But there is a definite need to push myself further away from:

- the ponderous motives of some people in my family
- the ridiculous childishness of friends who have taken to an almost drug-like addiction to MISINFORMED/NON-FACTUAL political sloganeering/confrontation, etc.
- music has become lifeless and uninteresting/uninspiring.  I don't mean what I listen to or try to write, etc.  I mean the crap that's actually making it out onto the market.  Shouldn't there be a law against this?

It's the second of this list that has me more distanced than anything else.  You can't have a civilized conversation with anyone unless they know your political stance; you can't enjoy frivolity without being grilled about who you intend to vote for.  And even if you're of the same party but have different candidate choices, beware - all hell is going to break loose.  What EVERYONE, while getting worked up and frenzied to a lunatic degree, is completely forgetting and overlooking is that the Presidential election is NOT until November, 2020.  It's only August, 2019.  Do you think for one moment that most of the "novelty" candidates that are out there right now will be on anyone's radar by the time actual nominations are announced?  We have reached a new intolerance for one another and overall, it makes me have no desire to be around anyone, once work hours are done.  Even friends are becoming an "approach with caution" kind of commodity; there are maybe one or two I don't have to think about spending time with and have the same kind of worry-free abandon/embrace.  The rest, I just don't know.  I don't want to spend (and invariably, waste) my time in my desire to have a casual drink and good conversation, only to wind up having to hear some insipidly thwarted manifesto or be lectured.

As far as any kind of "family ties" - I have no interest in engaging in conversations about relatives who are long no longer alive.  It may be a flag of convenience for some, but it has no meaning or validity for me.

Music?  I have no idea what's out there; what I've heard that passes for "popular" is aural garbage.  And while it's nice to see/hear younger people take an interest in bands from another era (such as many of the bands I've liked/loved, etc.), they can't expect or hope to see many of them now since so much time has come and gone.

Again, I'm not in a funk - I'm just drained and I can point fingers at specific causes and individuals, but this, like everything else, will pass sooner than later.