Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two years on

I'll keep it brief and light, considering...  It's been exactly two years since my father passed away.  I miss him daily.  We didn't always have the best relationship; in fact, it was work--very hard work.  But when all was said and done, I always knew he loved and respected me and I felt the same towards him.

It's been an interesting two years.  And I think the slightest traces of sadness that have clouded me are dissolved now.

So May comes back to being my favorite month again for all the right reasons.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Steps back in time

Last night was near magic.  Seeing the performance of "Cool Blue Halo 25" by Richard Barone and the incredible musicians who created the original album with him all those years ago was a moving experience.  Add to the joyousness of the occasion itself that some very dearly loved friends were there as well and you have an uplifting night.  Good venue, great company, amazing music and a fabulous atmosphere makes it as perfect as it can be for me.

A relaxing, albeit rainy day like today, to do chores and unwind on the couch, is the perfect continuance from last night.  The apartment is immaculate, cozy and warm, as it's still chilly out.  I spent a good portion of the afternoon with my guitar and I feel sleepy and satisfied enough to turn in early and hit the gym as soon as I get up.  Trek into the city to catch the train to New Jersey and we're off again!  Unless it rains--then it's movies and more guitar exercises.

Yes--my life is mine to be what I want to...