Sunday, August 09, 2015

And in the blink of an eye...

Suddenly, vacation's been and gone! Came back from New Orleans by 5 p.m. last night and it went so fast.  One moment, we're being picked up at 7:15 on Monday morning and the next thing, I'm doing the week's laundry as soon as I got home.  Ah well, easy come - easy go.  And thankfully, it WAS easy - all around.  No delays, no flight problems - everything went right and smooth and we had a fantastic and educating time.  New Orleans is a magnificent, historic and energetic city - even with its oppressive heat.  We walked everywhere (except the zoo); we ate well; we drank heartily - which neither of us ever do and most importantly, we had fun.  No work stresses, personal stresses - nothing negative.  And my self-induced psychosis over flying has dissipated, as I was absolutely fine going and coming back (even when we hit turbulence for lengthy stretches heading to Newark).  Three mornings of beignets and cafe au lait with chickory at Cafe Du Monde was a dream come true.  So happy to have been able to do it.  The hotel was relaxing and comfortable and first rate.

Now it's time to refocus my energies on the day job, tomorrow's radio show and this week's reviews (of which, I'm still ahead of the game, so to speak).  All that's left is to start hitting the gym and working on the songs again.

It's good to be home and feeling so refreshed.