Friday, July 15, 2016

You bring the summer...

Summers come hard and fast but man, they go as quickly as they arrive.  It's now two weeks until vacation and I can remember last year's trip to New Orleans as clearly as if it were yesterday or last week.  And now it's time for the final preparations before heading to Austin.

The time just keeps going at a blazing rate - I don't know if that's good or bad but I do know this:  I can feel - acutely - that I need to make some changes; major changes.  For my own good; my own peace of mind.  Nothing on the emotional front, but more on the creative/professional/physical side of things.  While I feel okay, I could be in a better frame, physically.  I could be a bit more fulfilled on a daily basis and I should be doing what I'm supposed to be doing with more focus and intensity instead of being (admittedly) laissez-faire.  This isn't a gripe; it's just an annoying fact.

But for this moment, I'll smile, exhale and look forward to seeing someplace new - again - and think about things while I'm not in my usual safety zone.  The power of a hot, Texas sun may do me some good.