Friday, December 20, 2019

Another year; another milestone...

It's now past the 15 year mark since I started doing this blog; amazing.  I know it isn't what it was, but it's still a comforting friend that I like to spend time with when I can.  At the same time, I'm glad that life and I, as an individual, have progressed and grown/matured over those 15 years - with the advent, rise and subsequent overtaking of social media, I'm afraid the same can't be said for so many people who are older and (I thought) far wiser than I. I tend now to simply stay away for the fact that things like Facebook, etc. don't enhance or bring pleasure to my life.  If I'm on Facebook, it's to post my writing or the podcast link, etc.  No more engagement with anyone - not even about music.

But here I am, on a Friday December morning, on the first day of my break from work.  It's cold but sunny - how it ought to be.  Coffee should be a quick rescue and then it's time to get myself into Manhattan to stick with December tradition (started in 2010) - haircut and then dinner at Caffe Reggio with my favorite person in the world.

Like this blog beginning in '04, a tradition.