Friday, January 18, 2013

Beat City Confidential

That's the word.  Read and hear all about it; it's the news and it's all happening...!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Roll out the new...

And so to those who continue to check in, a very happy, healthy and blessed New Year to you, your families and friends.  This one starts on a fresh, positive note with my life being, at this moment, how and where I want it to be.  Nothing lofty to try and reach as far as goals - those are always realistically grounded and can be obtained.  No material objects desired or wanted; I've got all I need.  My sight is clear; my mind is open; my being is in the now.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but at least a few definites:  my birthday is next Monday; we'll celebrate this weekend and I resume my full-on gym activities as well.  Hand in hand with that, I resume the work on an album that means everything to me, musically.

Am I rich in this New Year?  Absolutely.  So while I have my first coffee as the New Year blinks open its eyes, I can only sit back and smile.

Happy New Year, all.