Thursday, November 10, 2016

Darker days

I did not think it was possible; it was inconceivable.  HOW?  How could this man - who essentially handed this election to Hillary Clinton with all his insanity, there for the whole world to see - be elected President of the United States?

Because misogyny still rules.  Because people are willful and ignorant.  Because people are spiteful.  It's not just the silent minority of white men and white women.  It's not just the psychotic and fascist loving "alt-right".  It's the alt-left.  Those precious petals who collectively kissed Bernie Sanders' ass and worshiped at his feet and once he was soundly beaten in the primaries, they became enraged and voted for a different sociopath, Jill Stein.  They even told St. Bernard to go fuck himself when he told his loyal minions to vote for Hillary Clinton.  They and their conscience voting can fuck off.  When President Trump comes rolling along, their protests will be silenced VERY QUICKLY.  That's what entitlement gets you.  That's a great deal of solace to me.

I am a patriot.  I love everything that America has been based on.  I wear and wave the flag proudly.  I love and respect and honor our soldiers and our police; I revere our traditions.  But Tuesday night, I have never been more ashamed to be an American.  For the first time, I could see how the rest of the world views us and hates us.  And I resented it.  And because of the way people voted in THIS election, I will not forgive it.

My beloved homeland, what have you done?  I love you, United States of America but you have FUCKED UP but good.  And you should collectively be damned for your willful ignorance, your racism and your misogyny because that's what you framed this new President-elect around.  And you did it with large numbers.

I wept.  No other way to say it.  And I am heartbroken.  You've just entered Nazi Germany 1933 except it's now a bigger, richer, more populated land of social psychosis.  And this isn't Germany.  It's Nazi America.  And if you think that's over-dramatic, you're sorely mistaken.  I'm understating it.  This is, as Mark Halperin, put it "a cataclysmic event".

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Seriously.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Counting down...

Tomorrow is the end of the nightmare that began over a year ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President.  The Republican Party sent out the bottom of the barrel to run against him and the media helped build up to tear down the single worst candidate I've ever seen in my 51 years to run for President.  Donald Trump has brought the worst elements of our society into the sunlight and created the most repulsive campaign - quite possibly - in the history of our nation.  If there truly is a God and we are one nation, under that God, I pray that tomorrow, he will be slaughtered in the voting booths and Hillary Clinton will become our next President - the exact opposite of Trump.  The man has no knowledge of ANYTHING that has to do with governing; he's been a shitty businessman, a horrific excuse of a human being and a charlatan who preys and plays upon the fear and ignorance of those who don't have much of a scope to the world around them. 

Mrs. Clinton is more qualified than any other Presidential candidate I can think of - not Obama, certainly not Bush - hell, not even her own husband who by my account, was the best President in my lifetime.  I think she would be a magnificent leader and someone who simply can get the job done.  I said so when she announced she would be running and I have stood by her, even when people were being taken for a ride by that Johnny-come-lately to the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders.

Trump and his band of thugs running his campaign are reminiscent - without overdramatics - of Hitler and his Nazi party.  His racist/homophobic/anti-Semitic/misogynistic/xenophobic bullshit and scare tactics, let alone their TREASONOUS actions towards trying to manipulate the election with the outside help of espionage from Julian Assange and the Russian government leads me to hope that the reprisals for their actions will come hard and fast.  They must pay for their crimes against the United States - these people are as unpatriotic as the day is long.

So my first action tomorrow morning will be to get to the polling place by my home as early as possible and VOTE.  Doing my job, taking my responsibility as an American citizen and as a patriot who loves this country and doesn't want to see it tarnished any further by scum.  The world outside is bad enough; every country on the planet is watching.  Let's not give them any more cause to despise us.  Donald Trump is the embodiment of everything the world hates about America and it fills me with rage. 

I'm with her.