Monday, March 28, 2011

Save it

For the first time in a long time, I feel it necessary to lob a grenade. After having some very pleasant and exciting conversation with friends, I want to take a moment to give thought to a good old-fashioned list because I'm sick as fuck of hearing/reading these so-called "essential" lists that asshole hacks (such as at Rolling Stone) seem to foist upon the unsuspecting.

So here are a few lists. If you want to know why these choices, write to me and I'll tell you:

Top 10 Albums:

Revolver - The Beatles
The Who Sell Out - The Who
Sound Affects - The Jam
Murmur - R.E.M.
Kilimanjaro - The Teardrop Explodes
Babble - That Petrol Emotion
English Settlement - XTC
Repercussion - The dB's
154 - Wire
Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

These (and there are a slew of others that come immediately afterwards) had the most influence and emotional impact on me, let alone the significance of each albums' consistency of great tracks.

I'm more than happy to open a dialogue, but I will not engage if you tell me how important Nirvana is. They aren't. Period.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Vernal equinox at last

Spring is here; glimpses of warmth and life renewing itself have been seen and I am moving forward to the next sometime soon... It's finally happening and I'm both glad and excited.

Everything else seems to be falling into place. A few minor adjustments still need to be made here and there, but nothing troubling/troublesome.

But for the rest, well, it's time to light another ceremonial bonfire and heap a few more unwanted items on top...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Staring into the distance...

It's becoming one of those quietly philosophical periods, which I can't seem to help--it comes when it comes. I keep thinking about the not-too-distance future and its collision with the past--I feel waves of emotions that I have to admit, I'm just not comfortable with. I want the good things that lie ahead--and I know they do--but I don't want to continue to be anchored by the past and the current. The whole nonsense of last summer is long gone dead and buried; I'm not talking about that. I mean the more important, lingering nightmare. So by feeling weighed down and stuck in the now, feelings tend to come up--starting with frustration and resentment. Anger, unless constructively focused, does no good. Yet, here I am, seeing it in front of me and not fighting it off. And I am well aware that sometimes, you can't fight it off--like any other emotion, you have to let it wash over you and disperse naturally.

By the same token, I am still as energized and excited by all the new music I have been making. My flow of creativity has not been stemmed; I am not wavering at all in the positives that will be coming out of this period. Whether it's a Punch Line reunion or gig or an actual solo album, the facts remain that I have been very lucky to have my senses reawakened and am easily writing music I would have never (in past times) thought myself capable of.

March is here and my yin and yang are once again slightly out of alignment, which is almost emblematic of the last 12 years. Onward we go, with a sigh and a chuckle...