Saturday, January 09, 2021

The beginning is the end is the beginning...

Only nine days into the year everyone was waiting for and nothing has changed for the better - not even slightly.  All hell broke loose on Wednesday in Washington D.C.; intolerable acts committed against this country (in the very thwarted name of "freedom") - now retribution from the opposing side is just pouring more gasoline on the fires, still burning...  New York City may head into another lockdown period - and for who knows how long - since the mayor is criminally incompetent (and only interested in his virtue-signaling) and the governor only cares when it garners him accolades.  

People are still acting as irrational and as insane, frankly, as they have for the better part of five, six years.  And yet, all I hear (or see, on the hideous social media platforms) are platitudes and being dictated to.  About what I should think; how I should feel; who I should vote for - and the cliched, tiresome buzzwords like "empathy" are empty and have no place in my lexicon or purview.

At least I did manage to live long enough to reach my 56th birthday.  Nothing special, especially since it's not a "milestone" birthday.  But at least I'm still here, which must count for something positive.  There are many people in worse conditions. 

I'll stick to counting my blessings and remain an autonomous entity - let the keyboard warriors continue their own imminent downfall.

A happy new year?  We have yet to see.  Patience is still a virtue.