Saturday, October 31, 2009

For the moment

Another week in which I battled (yet again) a cold, missing a fun party at Joe's Pub last night. A day to run the necessary errands--I await an open clothes dryer as I type this. Tomorrow is gym, bowling and visit my father.

The main thing is starting next Saturday, I am completely fixing my energies on recording. I've felt like a dumbshit for having been so lax about getting work done. Thus, I plan each night to tune the guitars, set the levels on the 8 track and have everything set so I can just turn on the power and start recording on Saturday morning. I am inspired and have been so thanks to the many friends who have recently cajoled and encouraged me to make music. What excuses could I possibly have anymore? None. So it's time to shut up, tune up and get to work.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend rewind (living in a space jungle...)

Ample time to recover from Thurdsay night's splendor. Up to Maxwell's for dinner, drinks and The Bongos. Could I ask for better? No.

Running errands on a rare Friday off; haircut, beard shaved, grocery shop and a quick stop at Macy's gets things wrapped up early. Saturday's rain brought us to Golden's for a fab lunch, a Target run and home to watch movies. Sunday equals bowling morning and a visit to my father.

While this is a short posting, it's simple to say it's been a great week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend rewind (are we already in a throwback state of mind?)

In these very early morning hours on a Sunday, what better to do? My second cup of coffee, a rerun of "Clean House" (love this show!) and a chance to think a bit in the quiet while Liz is still asleep.

Having gotten our flu shots last week (on the heels of being as sick as we both had been), time just seems to be steamrolling. Nearing the end of the year and it's a little overwhelming how much things have sped right by. Just yesterday (philosophically speaking), we were seeing Richard Barone on a Friday night at Joe's Pub and now we're seeing The Bongos at Maxwell's next week. Bought two guitars at the beginning of the year and wound up paying off the credit card in full by mid-July--haven't fallen back on bad habits with spending; money going back into the bank and now I'm ready to record. The small things have added up in this definite year of transition.

I have to admit, after so many months of Liz not being around on weekends, it's both strange and nice to have her home, where we can do our old routines. It's great; I've missed it.

Having said that, I'm ready to now head to the gym and then bowling.